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Olga Fedoseeva, Groteck Business Media

Olga Fedoseeva, Groteck Business Media

С 2007 года программный директор форума All-over-IP. С 2008 по 2017 годы главный редактор журнала "Системы безопасности".

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Russian System Integrators to Share Business Stories in Moscow

Improving revenues on the security and IT market is imposible without exchanging expertise between professionals who make use of technology on a regular basis and deal with end-customer requests every day. So, in 2016 for the first time All-over-IP Expo focuses its conference part on business and technology stories that Russian system integrators and engineering companies have produced for over 20 years of implementing video surveillance, security, communications, storage, machine vision, building automation systems and networking infrastructure. Click to learn the first lineup of speakers >>

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15 Trends for Growing Access Control Business in Russia in 2016-2017

The Russian access control market shows steady progress. Revenues have shrunk, but sales dynamics are different across segments. It is access control brands targeting high-end and low-end customers who perform better financially.

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5 Changes in IP Camera Buyer Behavior in Russia

Choosing from the multiple options available for IP cameras in Russia, buyers often compare up to 20 features. All-over-IP Expo experts have shared their observations on the way local buyers change their behavior towards five popular IP camera features.

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5 Markets to Sell Embedded Vision to in Russia

In the machine vision world, an increasing number of solution providers develop applications based on embedded computing technology. Embedded means that individual components of a vision system are combined in one device in these applications. System integrators can now make a small system with enough processing power to do something useful with vision – and that doesn’t cost too much – which they couldn't do five years ago.

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Agenda for Intelligent Video 2.0 Conference Launched

The New Intelligent Video 2.0 Conference that takes place for the 7th time this year on November 24, the second day of All-over-IP Expo 2016 focuses on convergence of video surveillance and access control. The IP revolution is putting more layers of information on the same platform which means more scope for collaboration between the two systems: more functionality, more security and cost advantages for end-users as well as more business opportunities for security installers and system integrators.

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All-over-IP Expo 2016: The New KPI 170 Leads Per Exhibitor!

In 2016, driving IP security, video surveillance, and building automation sales in Russia requires a comprehensive approach to marketing known as performance marketing. Now it is time for global IP vendors to assess the value of every keyword, every email campaign, every square meter of exhibit space, every time slot on a show programme, every sponsorship package!

All-over-IP Expo 2016 improves an average of leads per exhibitor to 170. Companies interested in learning more about the benefits from exhibiting or speaking at All-over-IP Expo should contact Alla Aldushina at or Olga Fedoseeva at

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All-over-IP 2016 to Improve Exhibitor Experience with New Visitor Profile

All-over-IP Expo 2016 is renewing the connection between global IP brands and local customers. Apart from attracting and motivating existing sales partners who build the channel of major IP vendors and are responsible for the bulk of their sales, All-over-IP Expo 2016 is targeting at new resellers and contractors as well as large businesses who are currently looking to get full value of IP security, video surveillance, communication, data storage and building automation solutions.

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All-over-IP Expo Reveals New Business

New Business and Start-Up Sessions

All-over-IP Expo, a Russia-s leading networking platform for global IT, surveillance and security vendors, key local customers and sales partners since 2008, has announced the launch of Start-Up Sessions that support new exhibitors.

At this year-s event, taking place in Moscow on 23 and 24 November, Start-Up Sessions will provide the perfect opportunity for new global exhibitors to stand out and connect with the local industry. Start-Up Sessions are aimed at reducing risks associated with the first marketing spendings on an industry show.

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Broadening Access Control Business Beyond Security

Identity Management and Access Control Conference

In response to budget tightness, customers are driven to determine their demands for access control more specifically. They tend to go beyond security applications in their requirements. Standalone solutions give way to cross-platform, integrated access management systems that offer a solid investment protection, simplified organizational processes, and improved efficiency.

Adding value to business operations sets the agenda of the second Identity Management and Access Control Conference that takes place on November 24, at All-over-IP Expo 2016 in Moscow.

Beyond Security!

Functions like visitor management, workforce management, tracking employee productivity, parking space administration, generating traffic reports by time-of-day/day-of-week, incorporating data from business systems (quality control, maintenance cost, inventory and warehouse control, hourly labour costs) turn an access control solution into a comprehensive business tool.