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Interview: Bitdefender

Information Security Magazine by InfoSecurity Russia continues its investigation into international vendors' experience on Russian information security market. 

Russian System Integrators to Share Business Stories in Moscow

Improving revenues on the security and IT market is imposible without exchanging expertise between professionals who make use of technology on a regular basis and deal with end-customer requests every day. So, in 2016 for the first time All-over-IP Expo focuses its conference part on business and technology stories that Russian system integrators and engineering companies have produced for over 20 years of implementing video surveillance, security, communications, storage, machine vision, building automation systems and networking infrastructure. Click to learn the first lineup of speakers >>

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Case Study: VPN & New Surveillance Law in Russia

The Russian government has just passed a new law that makes Internet and Telecom user data storage mandatory countrywide. All calls, texts, chats and web browsing activity will be monitored and stored by the country's Internet and Telecom providers. Gathered information can be accessed by authorities and several government agencies without a warrant.

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Loss Prevention and Shrink Control in Retail

The most important driver for the  physical retail security market  is the need of retailers to safeguard their property, staff and customers. Retailers also use physical security as a deterrent to prevent shoplifting and crime. Loss prevention and security issues are

continuously gaining more importance. Retailers also view loss prevention as an essential management tool. Even though retailers spend significant sums of money on physical security solutions, they have still not been able to control the rising trend in shrinkage. Retail shrinkage increases with increasing retail sales. 

15 Trends for Growing Access Control Business in Russia in 2016-2017

The Russian access control market shows steady progress. Revenues have shrunk, but sales dynamics are different across segments. It is access control brands targeting high-end and low-end customers who perform better financially.

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5 Changes in IP Camera Buyer Behavior in Russia

Choosing from the multiple options available for IP cameras in Russia, buyers often compare up to 20 features. All-over-IP Expo experts have shared their observations on the way local buyers change their behavior towards five popular IP camera features.

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5 Markets to Sell Embedded Vision to in Russia

In the machine vision world, an increasing number of solution providers develop applications based on embedded computing technology. Embedded means that individual components of a vision system are combined in one device in these applications. System integrators can now make a small system with enough processing power to do something useful with vision – and that doesn’t cost too much – which they couldn't do five years ago.

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Interview: Fortinet Russia

Information Security Magazine by InfoSecurity Russia met with Alexey Andriyashin, Lead Systems Engineer at Fortinet Russia and asked him about Fortinet vision of Russian market, how the import substitution influenced Fortinet policy and which market gaps can be successfully filled up by international companies.

2018 World Cup in Russia: Public Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Sadly the events in Paris and more recently the suicide bombing of Brussels airport and Metro have underlined the difficulties of protecting crowds in public spaces. There is certainly a recognition, Europe-wide, that more should be done at stadiums, airports and transport hubs, entertainment venues, shopping centres and other public spaces. With Euro 2016 just weeks away, had strengthened security requirements for the fan zones, for example, by tightening entry controls by means of the systematic frisking of spectators and the use of CCTV in all fan zones. Now is the favorable time and the right set of circumstances for international security vendors to be involved to big projects in anticipation of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Standardizing Incident Response

InfoSecurity Russia Team is delighted to announce this year's Keynote Speakers!

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