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Security & Safety Magazine

Target audience: The most authoritative security journal of this region, ‘Security & Safety Magazine’ offers practical advice to all those operating and purchasing products in the Russian safety and security market.
The magazine’s target audience consists of manufacturers, distributors, consultants, installation and security specialists, as well as end-users from both state and commercial organizations. ‘Security & Safety Magazine’ assists security specialists in their understanding of relevant technology and the marketplace. It provides current information of security, safety and communications products and services.
The magazine meets several key objectives: firstly, to identify and satisfy real consumer needs, whereby an experienced group of experts supply analyses and recommendations to aid selection of security hardware and software. Secondly, the magazine aims to keep its readers informed of the latest news and developments, in particular any recent technological advancement. Thirdly, the magazine provides information concerning security Standards and Regulations, which includes publishing the latest government regulatory requirements in each issue.
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Fire Safety Annual Catalogue

Target Audience: This publication is supported by the State Fire-Prevention Department of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, and is officially recommended by all the fire-prevention departments in the country including the Gas and Oil industries.
The catalogue lists fire-prevention products & the latest technologies for fire security, rescue and emergency services. It covers all the current issues for fire security including market forecasts, state policies and the legal requirements in fire engineering and equipment standards. An experienced group of professionals explain and recommend the many options that serve this demanding market.



Communication Technologies & Equipment Online Magazine

Target Audience: The target readership of ‘Communication Technologies & Equipment’ magazine consists of Russian department heads, managers and technical experts with responsibility for IT and telecommunications, both in public and private organizations.
It is also distributed amongst regional government officials and department administrators, as well as specialists from the Research and Design Institute.


Information Security Magazine

Target Audience: ‘Information Security’ Magazine is circulated amongst key purchasers of IT security products in Russia and the CIS regions. This Guide is the definitive resource for those department heads and managers who are looking to identify and purchase IT security products and solutions for their organization at the most competitive prices. The recipients of this Guide are no nonsense professionals with budget authorization and a desire to purchase quality products. 

Broadcasting Online Magazine

Target Audience: Broadcasting' magazine is targeted at radio managers and specialists, and employees of television and mass media related corporations. More specifically, the magazine is distributed amongst those engaged in production of media programs, advertising agency employees, operational and administrative staff in television and radio centers, as well as various television, cable network and radio program production and studio personnel.
Real Life: Independent opinions and comments from the key industry players.