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Broadening Access Control Business Beyond Security

Identity Management and Access Control Conference

In response to budget tightness, customers are driven to determine their demands for access control more specifically. They tend to go beyond security applications in their requirements. Standalone solutions give way to cross-platform, integrated access management systems that offer a solid investment protection, simplified organizational processes, and improved efficiency.

Adding value to business operations sets the agenda of the second Identity Management and Access Control Conference that takes place on November 24, at All-over-IP Expo 2016 in Moscow.

Beyond Security!

Functions like visitor management, workforce management, tracking employee productivity, parking space administration, generating traffic reports by time-of-day/day-of-week, incorporating data from business systems (quality control, maintenance cost, inventory and warehouse control, hourly labour costs) turn an access control solution into a comprehensive business tool.


The second Identity Management and Access Control brings together industrial leaders and sales partners seeking to implement advanced solutions and approaches to improve their customers- outcomes. These questions will be addressed head on during the conference to build awareness for leveraging access control solutions in tune with business practices:

1. How to Increase Business Productivity and Revenues.
2. How to Optimize Operations.
3. How to Improve Discipline among Employees.
4. How to Reduce Administration Costs.
5. How to Automate Labor Data Collection, Accounting, Time Evaluation.
6. How to Easily Manage ID Credentials.
7. How to Increase Accuracy and Reliability of Identification.
8. How to Cost-Effectively Switch to More Secure Identity Solutions.
9. How to Attract Customers, Increase Average Checks, Improve Hospitality.
10. How to Reduce Cabling and the Associated Expenses.
11. How to Deploy Efficient Parking Management Strategies.

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