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All-over-IP Expo 2016: The New KPI 170 Leads Per Exhibitor!

In 2016, driving IP security, video surveillance, and building automation sales in Russia requires a comprehensive approach to marketing known as performance marketing. Now it is time for global IP vendors to assess the value of every keyword, every email campaign, every square meter of exhibit space, every time slot on a show programme, every sponsorship package!

All-over-IP Expo 2016 improves an average of leads per exhibitor to 170. Companies interested in learning more about the benefits from exhibiting or speaking at All-over-IP Expo should contact Alla Aldushina at or Olga Fedoseeva at


Lead Generation Opportunities per Exhibitor at All-over-IP Expo 2016:

1. List of leads generated online before the show.

2. Booth attendees' list (badge scanner to be rented).

3. Speech/presentation attendees' list.

4. List of leads generated online after the show.

5. Additional lists of leads are available to show sponsors.

In 2015, All-over-IP exhibitors got an average of 140 leads in two days. The longest lists were generated by Western Digital (560 leads), MOBOTIX AG (524 leads) and Hikvision Digital Technology (497 leads). Exhibitors involved in speaking sessions got five times longer lists of leads during the pre-event show campaign and 7 times longer lists of leads during the post-event.

Visitors at All-over-IP Expo are a lot more technically astute than visitors that we traditionally see at this type of shows. It's fascinating both from a partnering aspect as well as an audience aspect. Wayne Arvidson, Quantum

All-over-IP Expo is two days, the quality of visitors is very high. And it's the right people that come up. We have a lot of very good meetings and that's why we keep coming back for 8 times in a row. Anders Johansson, Milestone Systems

Professionals who visit All-over-IP Expo are of very high quality. Everyone we've spoken to is really key in the industry. I get to see a lot of people in the Russian region, and it would take a lot of time and cost too much to visit them individually. Martin Jefferson, Western Digital

The New All-over-IP Expo 2016 delivers innovative content that is relevant to the industry's challenges, goals and targets; enhances services to revolutionize networking, leads generation, customer ROI and visitor experience; creates new business opportunities; converges market players into a community. All-over-IP Expo is a must have for leading and emerging brands looking to win big.

For keynote speaking opportunities please contact Olga Fedoseeva at
Companies interested in exhibiting should contact Alla Aldushina at

About All-over-IP Expo
Founded in 2008, All-over-IP is a networking platform for global IT, surveillance and security vendors, key local customers and sales partners where they share knowledge and exchange ideas that are financially rewarding for business. All-over-IP Expo brings together major brands to ensure the best marketplace for the latest technology and innovation, and to lead customers to the Next Big Thing. Primary Sponsor: AxxonSoft | Education Sponsor: Milestone Systems.

9th Annual International ALL-OVER-IP EXPO 2016
November 23–24, 2016
Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki Expo


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