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Keynote Speech: Challenges & Opportunities of Security Market in Russia

Manufacturers are welcome to have face-2-face discussion and ask their questions to Andrey Miroshkin, CEO & Owner, Groteck Business Media, Russia. With more than 20 years of success work in B2B market, he will gladly share his experience and present unique instruments to reach your business goals in Russia.

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Russian Transportation Trade Leads

The Government of Russia has allocated almost $312 million through 2016 for sports complex projects and transportation infrastructure upgrades, to implement CCTV technology at metro stations, railways, public areas, and city halls. 

Today the basic challenges in the transport sector of the Russian Federation are the following:

  • Historically rooted territorial heterogeneity of transport infrastructure
  • Needs to further increase the availability of transportation services to the public
  • Needs to further improving the quality of transport services
  • Lack of full use of transit potential
  • Needs to ensure transport safety and security in accordance with new challenges
  • Needs to reduce the negative impact of transport to the environment.

By 2030, Russian Railways will build lines to 18 industrial zones and promising mineral deposits, which will require more than 4600 kilometres of railway lines with funding coming from private investors and the Russian government.

Total investment for these new lines is over 564 billion roubles, with 293 billion roubles coming from the Russian Federation and 271 billion roubles from private investors. 

Apart from that, as the Russian government remains focused on detecting and preventing terrorist attacks, and luggage and individual security inspections became mandatory at rail stations and in other transportation-related areas it has fueled the demand for companies selling metal detectors and scanning equipment. 

Russia increases its spending on transport security infrastructure. Previous entries are actively being revised in order to increase the expenses and purchase volumes.

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Interview: Konica Minolta Business Solutions Russia

Information Security Magazine by InfoSecurity Russia sits down with Commercial Director at Konica Minolta Business Solutions RussiaAlexey Kaminsky, to talk his business approach and vision of Russian information security market today.