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Safe City Trade Leads in Russia

Today, Safe City Hardware and Software Complex in Russia is mainly based on foreign products and technologies, especially in terms of information gathering, communication systems, data processing and analysis, geographic information systems and process control systems. Moreover, segment of the telecommunication equipment, in particular, in the construction of backbone networks is also dominated by foreign vendors. 

60% of Safe City Complex equipment nomenclature is still dominated by foreign vendors and there are still no domestic counterparts.

The amounts being spent on the Safe City Complex are staggering – $392,8 mln annualy by 2018. It is planned to establish Safe City Complex in all cities of Russia by 2020. One of the main point for Safe City Complex developing in 2016-2017 is the provision of the safety via Complex during forthcoming FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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What are the information security challenges that matter to you?

On 20-22 September, join thousands of your peers at InfoSecurity Russia 2016. Meet the industry leaders and share your ideas and experience on how to succeed in today's world of information security.

There’s still time to contribute. We would love to hear from senior information security professionals who are willing to share their experience on the Keynote Stage. Submit Your Proposal to speak at InfoSecurity Russia 2016. Submissions must be made by the deadline of Monday, August 1, 2016. 

Your input will enable us to create a bright and striking conference programme that meets the needs of you & your business and provides solutions to the challenges facing the information security community. 

Not sure if you will have some business opportunities out of it? If you need to get a better idea of potential demand and competition including potential margins, restrictions and regulations on Russian Market Complete this Survey and our team will provide you with a white paper in 5 business days.

This paper will cover valuable information and vital insights from information security professionals like you about workforce trends and issues on Russian market.

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How to Win Big Contracts in Russia: The Major Buyers of Security Market

You probably know that Russian Government is one of the key buyers of safety and security equipment, with purchases of over $700 million in 2016*. The government’s share in purchases of safety and security equipment is increasing as it embarks on new construction projects for upcoming events such as the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2018, Development of the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol, The Vostochny Cosmodrome, High-Speed Rail Projects, etc.

While Russian government procurement is substantial, private entities, mainly in Retail, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing Industry, Transportation, Banking, Power Generation & Energy are also important buyers of a wide variety of security equipment. Totally, they keep up to 82% of the all market volume.

Still in doubt about opportunities and limitations for international vendors in Russia? If you need to get a better idea of potential demand and competition including restrictions and regulations on Russian Security & Safety Market fill out the form and our team will provide you with a whitepaper in 5 days.

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Opportunities and Limitations of Russian Security Market

We learned, that for international vendors doing business in Russia could seem to be a kind of “black art” – meaning it’s hard to understand. But it is still interesting, because the Russian Security & Safety Market has the potential for steady development due to the country’s vast infrastructure, large geographic area, and high number of potential security threats. 

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Verify the Potential Information Security Market demand in Russia

Would you like to validate the  potential demand for an international expertise and products, find positive changes and verify a real climate for international vendors in Russian Information Security Market? 

Share with us your goals and challenges to learn more about opportunities and limitations in Russia.  Fill out this form and our team will provide you with a  white paperin 5 business days. This paper will cover valuable information and vital insights from information security professionals like you about workforce trends and issues on Russian market. 
If you  do validate your idea, then you’ve given yourself a much higher chance of succeeding.

We've interviewed hundreds of senior information security professionals and top information security buyers and would be happy to share their opinions with you.

Fill out the form to be aware of market based evaluation to get a better idea of potential demand and competition including potential margins, restrictions and regulations:
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Evaluate Russian Security Market Demand

If you are in charge of business development and export at EMEA security market, why not to evaluate the potential demand for an international expertise and products in Russia to get an idea of niche opportunities that exist around it.

We collected  hundreds of top security buyers' opinions and would be happy to  share it with you. Validating an idea or a product helps you  get a sense of the potential market or lack of market before spending a lot of time and money on it.
Who are your key customers? If you are curious to know more about business opportunities in Russian market,  fill out the form to tell us your goals and biggest challenges and our team  will provide you with a white paper in 3-4 days.
During IFSEC 2016 negotiations our team learned that there is a great interest in Russian market from overseas companies. International vendors note that Russian security market is currently going through various changes and creating more and more opportunities for business development.
Most of international companies prefer to focus on the big projects and large private Russian customers in industry, retail, real estate, construction, medicine, health and education sectors since Russian large corporate segment remains stable. 
Let us know your marketing approach and evaluate Russian security market demand:
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