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Top 3 tenders to create comprehensive security systems for fuel and energy facilities worth over 775 million rubles

Some details about top three tenders of the beginning of April to create security systems for fuel and energy facilities. Customers are Saint-Petersburg fuel and energy complex, GEH Engineering, Nizhnevartovskaya Thermal Power Plant. We’re talking about comprehensive security systems worth over 200 million rubles.

Topics: Current Security Tenders

730 million rubles on security systems for the North-West tunnel and the Moscow subway

We'd like to present major tenders of April for the supply of different security systems for the transport sphere. The biggest one is more than 550 million rubles and connected to the tunnel ventilation systems, automatic fire alarm, warning and evacuation management of the North-West tunnel. Moreover more than 176 million rubles will be spent on the intelligent video surveillance for one of the objects of Moscow subway.

Topics: Current Security Tenders

100 million rubles will be spent by the administration of Sochi to organize a comprehensive video surveillance system and situation center

Till the 5th of April 2019 the customer of a large public procurement – the Administration of the city of Sochi – is waiting for applications to participate in the tender for the organization of a comprehensive video surveillance system and a situation center to ensure safety and implementation of the powers established by the legislation by the administration of the city of Sochi. The price of the contract is 100 000 000 rubles at the moment.

Topics: Current Security Tenders