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Real digital projects of the agro-industrial complex

Managers and specialists of the agro-industrial complex: directors of IS and IT departments, heads of business process optimization departments, production directors, development directors, strategy directors will meet on October 5 at the online conference "AgroTech: intelligent technologies in agriculture". Register yourself →

The issues of the implementation and application of intelligent digital technologies in the agricultural industry which solve the problems of increasing labor productivity and automation of production will be discussed at the conference. Approaches to reducing losses and increasing revenue, improving the overall efficiency of work processes with the help of digital technologies will be also discussed.

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Digitalization and robotization of technological processes

Technical and IT directors, specialists and managers of digitalization and innovation will meet at the online conference "Solutions for intelligent mining and metallurgy" on September 21.

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Modern technologies and digital solutions for metallurgy and mining industry, intellectualization and automation of processes, practical cases of using IIoT, AI technologies, robotics and automation, BIM technologies, three-dimensional modeling, digital twins will be considered at the conference.

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Technologies of complex security of facilities

Heads and specialists of security and automation departments and services from large industrial enterprises, companies of the oil and gas industry and the fuel and energy complex, critical objects will meet on September 2 at the online conference "Complex security of industrial facilities, the oil and gas sector and the electric power industry". Register yourself →

Issues of complex security and anti-terrorist protection of facilities, perimeter protection technologies for fuel and energy, oil and gas and industry facilities, state policy and legislative regulation in the field of protection of industrial facilities, the oil and gas sector and the electric power industry will be discussed at the conference.

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Smart video surveillance and machine vision at large facilities

Experts will discuss prospects for business related to the implementation of video surveillance systems based on cloud services, AI and IoT, machine vision technologies: cases and technologies for the most promising areas of their application in industrial video analytics systems, retail, logistics, construction projects and where high-accuracy recognition is required at the online conference "Intelligent video surveillance and machine vision in security systems at large facilities" on August 3. Program and registration →

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Make the clouds closer, tell your customers about cloud technologies!

Despite the fact that cloud technologies are very popular in ACS today many consumers don’t fully understand the core of this service and can’t appreciate its advantages. The editorial of the Security & Safety magazine decided to help directors and security specialists to understand the question with the help of service providers.

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Optimization of IT infrastructure in the field of logistics

Representatives of logistics and transport companies, insurance companies, cargo carriers, industrial enterprises, retail chains and marketplaces will meet on July 20 at the online conference "Solutions for IT infrastructure optimization in the field of logistics". Register yourself →

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Implementation of smart solutions in utilities sector and building automation

Representatives from builders, designers and management companies in the utilities sector will discuss the main trends in the industry at the online conference "Digital utilities sector and building automation" on June 22, 2021. Register yourself →

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Cybersecurity of a digital enterprise

Experts will discuss issues of ensuring information and computer security at digital enterprises, integration of cybersecurity systems during the digital transformation of an enterprise as well as the implementation of legislation in the field of ensuring the CII security and the protection of automated process control systems at the online conference "Cybersecurity of a digital enterprise" on June 15. Register yourself →

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Digital technologies for retail and e-commerce

Representatives of retail networks and marketplaces: IT directors, managing directors, analysts, project managers, developers and suppliers of modern solutions and technologies are invited to the online conference "Digital technologies for retail and e-commerce" on June 1, 2021.

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Digital innovations in the construction industry

Directors and specialists of investment-construction, development and project companies, development directors, heads of construction and project management departments, IT departments, chief project engineers and representatives of expertise bodies will meet at the online conference "Digital innovations in construction: BIM, cloud management, digital production, 3D and AR/VR/MR models" on May 26. Register yourself →

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