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Implementation of smart solutions in utilities sector and building automation

Representatives from builders, designers and management companies in the utilities sector will discuss the main trends in the industry at the online conference "Digital utilities sector and building automation" on June 22, 2021. Register yourself →

Cases and tasks for automation and digitalization of the utilities industry, the implementation of IoT solutions and intelligent services, technical solutions for creating a single digital space that increase the energy efficiency of urban and residential infrastructure, provide video surveillance, optimize city budgets and the work of housing and communal services will be discussed at the conference "Digital utilities sector and building automation", which is held in preparation for the All-over-IP 2021 Forum.

General partner of the conference

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Conference partners

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In the conference program:

  • Fire safety of residential complexes based on the “STRELETZ-PRO” wireless system
    Stepan Pavlov, leading specialist of ARGUS-SPECTR LLC
  • Modern solutions from 2N for residential complexes
    Viktor Gulnazaryan, regional sales manager, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s.
  • One key for all doors: how to organize access control in a modern residential complex
    Alexey Kindyalov, head of marketing department, RusGuard JSC
  • RUBEZH STRAZH: organization of access control systems and security alarm systems
    Evgeny Varlamov, head of PSIM direction, RUBEZH company
  • ACS as part of the infrastructure of a residential complex
    Ilya Makeev, director of the training and dealer network development department, PERCo
  • Realization of the project of the Ministry of Construction of Russia on digitalization of urban "Smart City" economy
    Evgeny Duk, Deputy head of the "Smart City" department of the Ministry of Construction and Communal Services Russia
  • "Smart home" for multi-storey construction
    Evgeny Slinyakov, CEO of Promis JSC
  • Technological utilities sector: best cases for managing residential buildings
    Ilya Sotonin, CEO of the League management company
  • Discussion "How will digital technologies improve the quality and efficiency of work in the utilities sector?"
    With the participation of: Stepan Pavlov (ARGUS-SPECTR), Viktor Gulnazaryan (2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a. s.), Evgeny Varlamov (RUBEZH), Alexey Kindyalov (RusGuard), Ilya Makeev (PERCo), Evgeny Duk (Minstroy), Evgeny Slinyakov (Promis), Ilya Sotonin (League management company)

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