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Digital technologies for retail and e-commerce

Representatives of retail networks and marketplaces: IT directors, managing directors, analysts, project managers, developers and suppliers of modern solutions and technologies are invited to the online conference "Digital technologies for retail and e-commerce" on June 1, 2021.

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Digital technologies for retail and e-commerce will be discussed at the conference, which is held in preparation for the All-over-IP 2021 Forum. Augmented reality and computer vision technologies, contactless payment technologies, virtual navigation in sales halls, tools for effective management of remote teams and stores, virtual technologies for training and testing staff, automation of customer experience collection and evaluation, automation of personal pricing settings and product offers, offline audience analysis and traffic analytics in locations with the prediction of changes.

Conference partners

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The conference program includes:

  • Predictive video analytics of security in retail
    Evgeniy Zolotarev, CEO of Deletron
  • Mobile transformation for the seller and new opportunities of working with shares
    Andrey Chikunov, Deputy IT director, TSUM
  • Marketplaces, electronic document circulation, warehouse, CRM: integrating the accounting system with external services. 57 exchanges - not the limit
    Pavel Stupko, director of IT projects for CIS countries, SCHNEIDER GROUP
  • The innovation effect: searching, implementing and scaling technologies in grocery retail
    Roman Timaev, head of the portfolio of innovative products of the innovation department, X5 Retail Group
  • How to grow in the conditions of changing business needs
    Mikhail Gradoboev, head of corporate architecture department, Faberlic
  • eCommerce 2021 trends in the US that may be relevant on the Russian market
    Maria Golubeva, eCommerce Business Manager, Flywheel Digital
  • The struggle for a place on the shelf of the marketplace: how to take a successful position and how much money is needed for this
    Valeriya Nikulina, head of business support of local sellers, AliExpress Russia
  • Discussion "Key global retail trends affecting the Russian market?"
    Participants: Evgeniy Zolotarev (Deletron), Pavel Stupko (SCHNEIDER GROUP), Andrey Chikunov (TSUM), Roman Timaev (X5 Retail Group), Mikhail Gradoboev (Faberlic), Maria Golubeva (Flywheel Digital), Valeriya Nikulina (AliExpress)

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The cross-cutting topic of the AoIP 2021 Forum is the digital transformation of industries and enterprises, the benefits of implementation of information technologies and new business opportunities.

The All-over-IP Forum brings together digital technology industry participants into a community. Creates new opportunities for communication between suppliers and buyers. Provides meaningful contacts. Join us in November 2021!

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