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Optimization of IT infrastructure in the field of logistics

Representatives of logistics and transport companies, insurance companies, cargo carriers, industrial enterprises, retail chains and marketplaces will meet on July 20 at the online conference "Solutions for IT infrastructure optimization in the field of logistics". Register yourself →

The intellectualization and optimization of logistics, practical examples of the application of industrial Internet of Things technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning and big data, robotics and drones, augmented with virtual reality, will be discussed at the conference which is held in preparation for the All-over-IP 2021 Forum

Conference partners

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The conference program includes:

  • Digital logistics at the "last mile": optimization of processes with Yandex.Routing
    Pavel Skubriev, Head of direction for working with clients at Yandex. Routing
  • Overview of projects on digitalization of logistics processes: from retail to industry. The concept of a single digital field
    Mikhail Fagin, Head of Logistics Automation Projects, Digital Control Technologies LLC
  • Smart logistics: more efficiency for the entire supply chain from SICK
    Alexey Gorshunov, Head of Logistics Automation Department, SICK
  • TRUCKER - a complex digital solution for cargo transportation management
    Pavel Aleshkin, business development director, TRUCKER
  • IT solutions for traffic control as a way to minimize risks of labor protection violations and theft
    Yuriy Savin, director of external logistics, NLMK
  • The practice of implementing IoT technology in Itella
    Nikolay Galkin, IT Director, Itella
  • Automation of business processes. Setting up a "productive cooperation" between logistics and the sales department to achieve the company's goals
    Anna Rzheshevskaya, director of logistics, Wolf Energy saving systems
  • Discussion "How is logistics becoming smarter?"
    With the participation of: Pavel Skubriev (Yandex.Routing), Mikhail Fagin (Digital Control Technologies LLC), Alexey Gorshunov (SICK), Pavel Aleshkin (TRUCKER), Yuriy Savin (NLMK), Nikolai Galkin (Itella), Anna Rzheshevskaya (Wolf Energy saving systems)

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Smart Mobility Logistics

The cross-cutting topic of the AoIP 2021 Forum is the digital transformation of industries and enterprises, the benefits of implementation of information technologies and new business opportunities.

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