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Case Study: VPN & New Surveillance Law in Russia

The Russian government has just passed a new law that makes Internet and Telecom user data storage mandatory countrywide. All calls, texts, chats and web browsing activity will be monitored and stored by the country's Internet and Telecom providers. Gathered information can be accessed by authorities and several government agencies without a warrant.

See how NordVPN, one of the world's most advanced VPN service providers, responds to the new Surveillance Law in Russia and manages to identify the breakthrough opportunities for growth!

"NordVPN will continue to provide its services in Russia and will be introducing additional security measures to ensure no Internet users are left behind, and Internet freedom can be provided to everyone."

NordVPN team see their goal as to reach as many new Russian users as possible, including mainstream users, so they have taken a number of steps to ensure the Russian Internet users' data is encrypted, not-logged and inaccessible even if their servers in Russia are seized for any reason.

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