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Stations of monitoring air pollution will be set in the Lipetsk region

8 stationary automated environmental stations will be installed in the Lipetsk region to track the presence of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

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The regional budget institution "Сenter of environmental projects" announced a tender to select a contractor to create environmental stations. The cost of the work is 28.6 million rubles, the results of the tender will be announced on September 2.

According to the tender, 8 fixed stations will be installed in the region. Each of them will be equipped with a gas analyzer for continuous automatic measurement of the mass concentration of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the atmospheric air, a weather automatic station for measuring temperature, atmospheric pressure, air flow speed and direction, as well as software for environmental monitoring of the environment. The last one will calculate the value of the air pollution index and other indicators and make tables on air pollution.

The stations will be equipped with a sealed metal frame that will protect the equipment of the complex from atmospheric influences. The air conditioning and heating system will allow it to work in any weather - at an external temperature from minus 40°C to plus 40 °C.

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