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Evaluate Russian Security Market Demand

If you are in charge of business development and export at EMEA security market, why not to evaluate the potential demand for an international expertise and products in Russia to get an idea of niche opportunities that exist around it.

We collected hundreds of top security buyers' opinions and would be happy to share it with you. Validating an idea or a product helps you get a sense of the potential market or lack of market before spending a lot of time and money on it.
Who are your key customers? If you are curious to know more about business opportunities in Russian market, fill out the form to tell us your goals and biggest challenges and our team will provide you with a white paper in 3-4 days.
During IFSEC 2016 negotiations our team learned that there is a great interest in Russian market from overseas companies. International vendors note that Russian security market is currently going through various changes and creating more and more opportunities for business development.
Most of international companies prefer to focus on the big projects and large private Russian customers in industry, retail, real estate, construction, medicine, health and education sectors since Russian large corporate segment remains stable. 
Let us know your marketing approach and evaluate Russian security market demand:
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