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Zyxel announced the growth of its market share in Russia and the CIS by the end of 2019

Zyxel announced that the company's total sales growth in the region (in euros, 2019 compared to 2018) was 35%. This result indicates a significant increase in the company's market share in the region.

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The course taken by Zyxel in 2017 for the development of project work showed results in 2018, and in 2019 the trend turned into normal. Positioning Zyxel network solutions as inexpensive, but reliable and effective for the medium and small business sector has borne fruit.

In the first place at the end of the year are switches, which firmly hold a share close to 40% (in 2019 - 39%) in all sales of Zyxel. In addition, the company's switch sales increased by 41% in 2019  compared to 2018. Zyxel offers its customers a limited lifetime warranty, and these devices have become even more trusted by small and medium-sized enterprises in the region when building the core of the network. This is largely due to the successful fourth quarter, when specialized switches for video surveillance appeared in the company's line.

Second place for network security tools - 10% of the company's sales. In this category, already proven ZyWALL series gateways were sold well, as well as new models of the ATP series, enhanced with "sandbox" functionality to protect against "zero-day threats".

ZyXEL's WiFi solutions for business came in third place in terms of turnover in 2019, with a 9% share of all sales in the region. The category is presented on the market in two distinct segments: low-cost WiFi access points with a price in the range of 6000-10000 rubles, sold mainly through online stores, and more advanced, high-speed and flexible in management design access points for building wireless infrastructure for hotels, schools, stores, warehouses, etc.

In 2019, the number of projects implemented by the company's partners increased by more than 50%. One of the goals set for the past period is to increase the number of projects in the hospitality industry and education. In this work, a cooperation agreement with the National research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) was signed. Also, 2019 was marked by several major projects in hotels and schools across Russia.

The Value-added reseller channel is traditionally the most important and successful for Zyxel. In 2019, the channel's share in the company's total sales was 55%, which is higher than the share of ZyXEL sales through the online store channel. The company actively supports Value-added business: it conducts joint pre-project and post-project work with integrators and b2b customers, offering them innovative solutions with a limited lifetime warranty and Russian-language technical support. Zyxel offers project protection to partners even in small transactions and at the same time reduces prices for a number of product categories.

In 2019 Zyxel's partner base in the region grew by 6%. The total number of VAR partners who used Zyxel equipment and solutions in their business is 2077 companies in 2019.

Dmitry Tanyukhin, head of the Zyxel Russia and CIS channel division, said: "2019 year is definitely a successful year. Few players on the telecom market have a such sales growth. We are pleased with the growth both in the segment of online stores and in the segment of project and channel sales. Almost all Zyxel's product lines showed growth. The partner base has also grown. I am sincerely grateful to our distributors and partners, the Russian Zyxel team. By leveraging our solutions with ATP series gateways, WiFi6 access points, video surveillance switches, and a new version of the Nebula network management and configuration system, the Zyxel team promises its partners to create all the conditions for sales growth at least by 30% in 2020."


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