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Video analytics and machine vision at large facilities. Cases of SIBUR, NIPIGAS, TMK, X5 Retail Group, PJSC “Magnit”

Video surveillance and video analytics are often used as effective tools not only to ensure security, but also to improve the efficiency of technological processes, monitoring tasks and quality control. Along with IP cameras, machine vision systems are used to solve problems.

On May 26, an online conference "Video analytics and machine vision in security systems at large facilities" will be held, where participants will discuss cases and technologies for the most promising areas of their application: smart city systems, industrial video analytics systems, technologies for retail, logistics, and construction projects.

Pavel Kurochkin, JSC "NIPIGAS":

At the upcoming conference I will tell you how we use video analytics technologies. We will talk about recognizing dangerous actions of employees of contracting companies, such as moving to a high-risk production zone, a potentially dangerous position of an employee that creates the possibility of injury to himself or another employee of the contracting company and other functions of smart video surveillance.

The shortlist of customers includes the search for effective tools not only for ensuring security, industrial safety and labor protection but also for improving the efficiency of technological processes, monitoring tasks and quality control etc.

In the program

Practical cases of SIBUR, NIPIGAS, TMK, X5 Retail Group, PJSC “Magnit”

  • Intelligent video surveillance in the petrochemical industry. Vadim Shchemelinin, head of computer vision department, SIBUR
  • Application of video surveillance and video analytics technologies in the security management system during the implementation of investment construction projects. Pavel Kurochkin, manager of labor protection and industrial safety and ecology, NIPIGAS
  • Implementation of automated computer systems for intelligent processing of video information in enterprises. Andrey Cherkashin, deputy director and head of the control and regime department, TAGMET
  • Cases and effects of applying perspective technologies in PJSC “Magnit”. Viktoriya Kozlova, head of perspective technology research, IT and IS Directorate, JSC "Tander" (PJSC “Magnit”)
  • Video analytics in a multiformat retail company. Artur Kuzin, head of neural networks direction, X5 Retail Group

Demonstration of solutions and successful projects, recommendations from developers and suppliers

  • Situational video monitoring system for distributed objects. Dmitry Evdokimov, CEO,  HeadPoint
  • Choosing a platform and components for an industrial machine vision system. Maxim Soroka, CEO, Vitec
  • Examples of using video analytics in Hikvision smart cameras. Representative of Hikvision Russia

Round table. Discussion of customers and suppliers with representatives of NIPIGAS, TAGMET, SIBUR, TMK, Metalloinvest Management Company LLC, PJSC “Magnit”, X5 Retail Group, PhosAgro, City-XXI century

Questions for discussion:

  • Implementation of automated computer systems of intelligent processing of video information
  • Typical application of classical security video analytics in modern video surveillance systems
  • Areas of use of machine learning algorithms
  • Visualization of metadata received from cameras for end users
  • Intelligence in video surveillance: opportunities and limitations
  • Digital tools used in the field of video surveillance of construction sites of large and mega projects

Integration of intelligent video surveillance with other systems

Video analytics for improving the efficiency of production processes, monitoring tasks and quality control etc.

More than 100 managers and specialists of safety units, departments of labor protection, departments of industrial safety of various industries have already registered for this conference.


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