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Ural Bank of reconstruction and development has implemented solid state flash array from Pure Storage in its IT infrastructure

The company Jet Infosystems announced that the Ural Bank of reconstruction and development began the process of digital modernization.

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As a first step to improve productivity, reliability and optimization of equipment costs, the credit institution has implemented a modern solid-state flash array from Pure Storage (USA) into its IT infrastructure. To optimize equipment costs, the Bank chose the IaaS model with equal payments for 5 years.

The fast growth of business has a significant impact on IT: the volume of customer data increases by 20-30% each year and the productivity of systems is systematically doubled. The existing platform would not be able to effectively meet the growing needs of the business, so the bank decided to modernize the platform.

The company put forward serious productivity requirements to the platform, which required a reliable modern decision. After evaluating all the solutions, experts of the system integrator Jet Infosystems recommended to modernize the storage platform, using Pure Storage Flash Array with modern technologies ALL-Flash and NVMe protocol.

Flash Array could provide 200 000 IOPS with a maximum response time of no more than 2 ms. In addition, the availability of the service is at the high-end level (99,9999%) with a possibility to organize disaster resistance in active-active mode.

The requirements of the Bank of efficiency of deduplication and compression algorithms were also fulfilled.

The created infrastructure from Pure fully meet the strict requirements of the Ural Bank of reconstruction and development to perfomance. The array reached a deduplication and compression ratio of up to 12:1 (instead of the expected 3.5:1).

This gave a significant economic effect. In fact, the company managed to save 3 times on the amount of data. In the future the bank plans to transfer the main part of the critical it infrastructure to the all-flash platform.


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