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Treolan became the official distributor of Honeywell solutions

Treolan, Russian IT-distributor and Honeywell, specialist int he sphere of technologies and industrial manufacture, signed a distribution agreement. Since the beginning of 2020 Treolan starts to purchase solutions for automated identification of Honeywell Productivity Products and Solutions (PPR) Department as the official distributor.

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The Department is occupied by the production of data collecting devices, using technologies of one-dimensional / two-dimensional scanning and image analyzing and also reliable mobile computers and the barcode scanners. The equipment of producer is widely used in retail, healthcare and in the sphere of transport and warehouse support. Treolan cooperates with Honeywell PPR since 2017, purchasing the vendor products as the silver partner till the signing of distribute cooperation.

"During this time Treolan confirmed and strengthened its status of the reliable partner, which is providing with not only the warehouse stock for quick access to Honeywell products but also the equipment supply wishing the project distribution,said Alexey Orekhov, Director of Honeywell Productivity Products Department – It’s also important for us that the process of selection of the necessary Honeywell solutions for partners is good developed in Treolan – from the choice of models till the clear definition of tasks that can be solved with the help of our equipment".

Being the official distributor, the company will continue to supply barcode scanners, label printers, expendable materials, terminals to collect data and other Honeywell production via its partner network, which is counting more than 3.5 thousand of companies in Russia.


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