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Top 3 tenders to create comprehensive security systems for fuel and energy facilities worth over 775 million rubles

Some details about top three tenders of the beginning of April to create security systems for fuel and energy facilities. Customers are Saint-Petersburg fuel and energy complex, GEH Engineering, Nizhnevartovskaya Thermal Power Plant. We’re talking about comprehensive security systems worth over 200 million rubles.

  • Completing works on the renovation and installation of security systems on Saint-Petersburg fuel and energy facilities – 287 584 052, 69 rubles. The customer is Saint-Petersburg fuel and energy complex.
  • Completing works on creating complex of engineering and technical means of protection and information security for Amur TPP. Ensuring needs of Amur GPP (Gas Processing Plant). Building of power grid and substation facilities of Amur TPP – 281 191 018, 74 rubles. Customer – GEH Engineering.
  • Completing works on renovation of integrated complex of engineering and technical means of protection for Nizhnevartovskaya Thermal Power Plant – 206 479 520, 69 rubles. Customer – Nizhnevartovskaya Thermal Power Plant.

Alexander Klopov, RusGidro:

"Companies that are able to develop innovative decisions in the sphere of intelligent systems of security management are of interest to us. And the second direction – suppliers who can offer insurmountable barrier solutions. I saw some interesting offers at TB Forum and I’m going to study them."

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