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TMK will build an integrated planning system based on SAP

Pipe metallurgical company (TMK) has started transforming its planning processes based on the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) cloud system deployed in the Russian data center. The new solution will allow the company to automate the processes of creating and approving sales, production, purchasing and transportation plans up to 18 months. The project will be implemented by SAP Digital Business Services specialists.

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Building an integrated planning system will allow TMK to provide flexibility in its behavior at a rapidly changing market by continuously planning and timely entering up-to-date data about the market, orders, and existing restrictions.

The solution has several modules including demand forecasting, scenario modeling and automation of the sales and operations planning process, optimization with various criteria, as well as support for interaction of participants and control over the process.

The project will automate the creation of monthly sales forecasts for product groups and markets as well as planning the entire supply chain of the company, taking into account data on raw materials stocks and supply, production capacity and in-house logistics.

"Expanding the planning horizon and increasing the frequency of rescheduling will allow TMK to assess potential risks in advance and see additional opportunities for development. In addition, we will be able to respond quickly to unexpected and unpredictable events and also create and maintain the most profitable portfolio of products delivered to the market," - said Vyacheslav Popkov, first Deputy CEO and chief engineer of TMK.

"The SAP IBP solution provides efficient planning processes thanks to modern methods of storing and processing large amounts of data as well as a convenient and functional interface. The system also provides access to future use of advanced machine learning methods and algorithms for calculating various variants of an integrated business plan. We hope that this project will become an important part of the process of creating a digital twin of TMK and will allow the company to strengthen its strong position at the market," - said Alexey Leontovich, Deputy CEO of SAP CIS.


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