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The volume of the Russian market of public procurement automation reached 15 billion rubles

TAdviser analytical center together with Norbit (part of Lanit group) conducted a study of the Russian market of solutions for automation of procurement activities of state and municipal customers, state corporations and companies with public procurement.

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During the study a survey was conducted and the condition of procurement automation was studied in more than 70 federal agencies, subjects of Russia and state companies. Information on announced purchases and concluded state contracts from the United Information System in the field of public procurement, available technical documentation on implemented projects in the field of building procurement automation systems became the sources of the study.

The volume of the market of procurement automation systems, according to TAdviser, reached 15 billion rubles, and by 2024, according to the forecast, will reach 21 billion rubles with the average annual rate about 6%.

New projects of implementation of procurement systems appear rarely in 2018-019 – all main customers, who were required automation of procurement, has already been implemented procurement automatization systems.

The main demand generators are services for maintenance of operation and technical support of existing solutions; development of existing solutions to ensure compliance with changes in procurement regulation and support for integration with the unified information system in the field of state procurement; migration from existing solutions to new platforms.

According to the results of the study, experts counted more than 200 notable projects of the implementation of procurement automation systems. Among the largest because of the scale and cost, and thanks to the realized functionality – Unified automated trading information system of Moscow, Rosatom, Transneft, Gazprom, Rushydro, Rosseti, Rostelecom, Sberbank, inter RAO, Rostec, Russian Post.

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Market players are divided into four main segments: specialized vendors, for whom the design and development of procurement automation systems is the only or one of the main activities (NORBIT, Altimeta, BFT, Granit-Center, ETS+, keysystems, Kognitiv, NPO Krista, SAB, Fogsoft); suppliers and integrators of ERP systems that automate purchasing with help of modules for managing relationships with suppliers (1C, SAP); universal developers of custom software (OTR 2000, NCI, BARS Group); providers of outsourcing services, as a rule offering automation of procurement processes based on the functionality of electronic trading platforms.

In terms of competition, TAdviser experts assess the market situation as stable. Comparing the situation with procurement automation in the world and in Russia, the researchers identified 5 main technological trends that can have a serious impact on the development of the Russian procurement automation market in the nearest future:

  • Blockchain carries the potential to transform procurement processes with help of technology solutions for storing, tracking and managing requisitions, purchase orders and account transactions.
  • Smart contracts can be used to automate the execution of contracts by offering detailed contract specifications with embedded software.
  • Contract lifecycle management – the decision and process of proactive contract management from its initiation to conclusion, execution and renewal.
  • Artificial intelligence in the field of procurement allows to classify costs and analysis of contracts. Additional scenarios appear in such areas as risk management, contractor selection, vendor search automation, virtual procurement assistants.
  • Robotization of processes allows to transfer routine work in procurement processes from people to programs.
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