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The Moscow Department of Information Technologies will spend almost a billion on foreign personal computers and software

The Moscow Department of Information Technologies will buy computers with foreign hardware and software, explaining that the equipment on Russian components does not meet its requirements.

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Millions for foreign technologies

The Moscow Department of Information Technologies purchases computer and office equipment and software for more than 900 million rubles. Step Logic company was determined as the supplier based on the results of the auction.

The purchase was made on the electronic trade platform TEK-torg. The application was placed on December 11, 2109 and the purchase itself was made on December 32, 2019.

The initial amount of the contract was 928,05 million rubles and the winner of auction Step Logic requested the total amount of 900,21 million rubles. In total there were two participating companies – the second place was taken by AMT-group, requested for 904, 85 million rubles.

No import substitution

Step Logic will organize the purchase of computers with foreign components for the Moscow Department of Information Technologies. The software was also developed abroad. The Moscow Department of Information Technologies explained the purchase of foreign computers by lack of Russian analogues that meet the Department's requirements.

Thousands of foreign computers

According to the terms of reference, the auction winner must provide The Moscow Department of Information Technologies with 416 system blocks of increased performance. 500 GB and more SSD, not less that 16 GB of RAM memory and processors with a clock frequency of at least 3 GHz should be installed in them. 43,11 million rubles were allocated for their acquisition. Also 76,35 million rubles he Moscow Department of Information Technologies  will spend on 10 top system blocks with 2 TB SSD and RAM memory for 64 GB and more.

Department also will buy 2538 computers-monoblocks for 261 million rubles. Requirements for them are hard disk of at least 500 GB, screen resolution 4K (3840x2160 pixel), diagonal 27-32 inches and RAM memory at least 16 GB.

Moreover, The Moscow Department of Information Technologies will purchase 925 laptops for 14-19 inches in the amount of 109.67 million rubles, 1494 monitors with diagonal at least 27 inches in the amount of 40.69 million rubles and 20 rack servers in the amount of 17.77 million rubles in total.

Software and office equipment

Step Logic will supply 3836 IP-telephones Cisco CP-8851-R (97.94 million rubles), 422 IP-videophones Cisco CP-8865 with extension console CP-8800 (23.4 million rubles), 10 data storage systems, 10 tape drives, 103 firewalls of 2 types, 82 uninterruptible power supply sources, 120 commutators WS-C2960XR-48FPS-I, 26 commutators WS-C3850R-24T-S, 57 routersISR4351/K9, 12 routers ISR4431/K9, and also 37 systems of hosting server hardware, 27 scanners of A4 format and 8 copying machines of A0 format.

The list of software to be purchased includes 4356 licenses for Cisco UC Manager-11.x Enhanced (23.46 million rubles) and 21780 certificates for its support (37.86 million rubles), 160 licenses for Cisco UC Manager-11.x Essential (164.1 thousand rubles) and 800 certificates for its support (214.3 thousand of rubles)

Not first foreign purchase

In summer 2019 The Moscow Department of Information Technologies initiated two centralized purchases of computers and software in total of 1.13 billion rubles. The Department bought several thousand of computers with foreign components and Microsoft software.

Also the Department made the purchase of Russian software for its needs in February 2018. At the initial contract price of 764.2 million rubles, as reported by CNews, officials are ready to spend a little less than 80 million rubles on products from Kaspersky, Security Code, Cryptopro, InfoTeCS, Cansec, Elvis and Positive Technologies, at the same time The Moscow Department of Information Technologies was ready to spend significantly more on products and support for foreign software within this purchase — about 260 million rubles.

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