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The first transaction using Visa EMV 3D-Secure 2 was made in Russia

The first transaction in e-Commerce using the Visa EMV 3D-Secure 2 security standard took place in Russia, where the issuing Bank was the Chelyabinsk invest bank. The Bank was the first in the country to launch a 3-D Secure 2 service for online payments together with its technology partner Banking technologies.

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The 3-D Secure Protocol is used for e-Commerce transactions prior to authorization to confirm that the transaction was initiated by an account holder. In this way, it provides an additional level of security when exchanging data between the merchant, the card issuer, and, if necessary, the consumer. 3-D Secure in version 1.0 was developed by Visa 15 years ago.

3-D Secure 2 is a new generation version of the protocol 3DS from EMVCo. It provides an adaptive payment process in mobile phone browsers and mobile apps, the ability to implement the authentication process in apps without going to the browser, as well as the ability to approve transactions without manually entering data, and additional authentication methods using biometrics and security tokens. The increased volume of user data allows verification without additional requests, which makes the process of online payment faster and more convenient, and at the same time secure.


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