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The FDA has confirmed the relevance of Philips ultrasound solutions to combat COVID-19

Philips has received a permit from the US food and drug administration (FDA) that allows clinics to use the company's ultrasound diagnostics equipment and software to treat patients with COVID-19.

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The approved solutions include the Philips Lumify ultraportable ultrasound system, which is powered by a mobile app. The pocket sensor is connected to a tablet or smartphone which allows rapid assessment of the patient's condition where the doctor and patient need it. The procedure can be accompanied by telemedicine consultations in real time. Because of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, this function has become relevant in infectious hospitals where the "red" zones with a high probability of infection are separated from the "green" ones. An operator with Lumify can conduct research at the patient's bedside, while ultrasound diagnostics doctors comment on the process from the "clean" part of the hospital, providing a second expert opinion. After diagnostics, the images with visualization can be saved and sent to the network or via email, including a Philips IntelliSpace CardioVascular image and data management workstation for further processing, comparison, analysis and tracking the dynamics of patients' condition.

"The importance of telemedicine and mobile systems is now becoming particularly obvious. Philips is increasing the presence of such innovative technologies both around the world and in Russia," - said Mikhail Goncharov, director of the Philips diagnostics cluster in Russia and the CIS. – Russian doctors in many clinics have already been able to evaluate the Lumify ultraportative ultrasound device and successfully use it to work with COVID-19 infected patients. The status of the FDA is recognized in the professional environment around the world and the health systems of many countries trust the organization's assessments and take into account the experience of the United States. The received permission once again confirms the effectiveness of our solutions in the current situation both in America and abroad."

The system was tested in the Almazov National Medical Research Centre in Saint Petersburg before the pandemic began. Since the middle of May the center also accepts patients with COVID-19. Here, Lumify is used in the intensive care unit in combination with the Philips IntelliSpace CardioVascular platform, located in the "clean" area of the Center. This solution makes it possible to speed up the processing and functional analysis of diagnostic data obtained in the "red" zone, reduce the risk of contact between doctors and infected patients and minimize the possibility of cross-infection in common areas.


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