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Tenders of August for 155 million rubles: video surveillance for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Yalta, design of the complex security system for RZD Arena

Here are top three tenders in the sphere of ensuring security of various facilities of urban infrastructure. This is about equipping with the system of intelligent video surveillance of exits and entries in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, making design and prospecting works on creating of the complex security system of the stadium RZD Arena in Moscow and creating the intelligent video surveillance system along the quayside of Lenin in the city of Yalta. The initial maximum price of contracts is 155 million rubles.

  • Equipping exits and entries in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with intelligent video control system with function of recognition of state register signs and its integration in the system of photo and video fixing of traffic violence on the territory of Sakhalin region – 95 222 932.80 rubles. The customer is the Centre of state purchase of Sakhalin region.
  • №4804/ZKTE-AO RZDstroy/2019/D – the right to conclude the agreement on making design and prospecting works "The creation of complex security system of the stadium RZD Arena" – 33 461 376.19 rubles. The customer is RZDSTROY.
  • The creation of intelligent video surveillance system along the quayside of Lenin in the city of Yalta with the equipment suppliance. Systems of the entry control and accounting of auto transport on the territory of the quayside of Lenin and the Primorsky park of the city of Yalta – 26 416 533.33 rubles. The customer is the Emergency Number Association 112 of the city of Yalta.

Dmitry Golovin, Department of Information Technologies of Russia:

"Most of all I’m interested in video surveillance systems both within the project «Safe city» and in the modern infrastructure in general. Today innovations appear in the sphere of data processing and video analyzing, collecting and processing of big data, video analytics in the sphere of face, objects and subjects recognition. The most precious thing at the forum is that participants show their experience, not theoretical or prospective developments. Speakers share their knowledge on the stage of implementing this or that technology. The exchange of such experience let other colleagues from other regions escape such mistakes in the future. I like that the participants are ready to discuss real issues."

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