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Tele2 has installed 25 000 of the latest Ericsson base stations

Tele2 mobile operator and Ericsson are upgrading the company's infrastructure with Ericsson Radio System base stations.

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Over a year and a half, Tele2 has installed and put into operation 25 000 base stations – 50% of the total volume stipulated by the agreement between the companies. The parties signed a five-year contract to implement Ericsson's technology solutions on the Tele2 network at the mobile world congress in Barcelona in February 2019.

Ericsson Radio System base stations are installed on the Tele2 network in 27 regions of Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. The implementation of the latest Ericsson equipment made Tele2 the leader on the Russian market in terms of the overall pace of network infrastructure construction. According to Roskomnadzor, Tele2 increased the number of base stations by 20% to 178 504 in 2019.

The construction and installation of 25 000 new base stations increased the capacity and performance of the network by 1.7 times. The 4G coverage area improved to 94.8% of the covered population in 2019 and the data transfer rate in the LTE network increased by 8%.

Tele2's efforts to improve the quality of services have a positive impact on mobile Internet usage and the company's financial performance. In the second quarter of 2020 the number of active mobile internet users increased by 28.1% compared to the same period in 2019. The consumed traffic in the Tele2 network increased by 66%. The revenue increased by 15.6% to 42.9 billion rubles compared to the second quarter of 2019.

"The active construction of Tele2 is due to the growth of our base and mobile internet consumption. Developing the quality of services, Tele2 works on the NPS indicator and we are ahead of our competitors. Our clients recommend our services because Tele2 provides wide network coverage and high Internet speeds. Together with the focus on consumer interests, the company remains one of the industry leaders in terms of technological development and speed of implementation of innovative solutions. In the Moscow region we have been installing the most advanced stations since the launch, we were the first in Russia to deploy a pilot 5G network and together with Ericsson we are carrying out a large-scale network upgrade across the country." - said Alexey Telkov, the technical director at Tele2.

"We’re happy to contribute to the development of the Tele2 network in Russia, giving the operator's subscribers the opportunity to comfortably use the mobile Internet. All Ericsson equipment has a long life cycle and ensures compatibility and continuity of product lines of different generations which will allow Tele2 to reduce capital and operating costs during the construction and expansion of networks. Ericsson has the leading telecommunications expertise in Russia, in particular, the Ericsson 5G innovation Center in Moscow conducts piloting of promising 5G and IoT technologies for Russian operators. Part of the 5G innovation Center is Ericsson Academy which provides training for more than 1000 specialists of Russian operators and students every year." - said Sebastian Tolstoy, president of Ericsson in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


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