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Smart video surveillance, situation centers and transport security. Schedule of meetings with customers for September

TB Forum 2020 is a continuous annual program of communications to customers, regulators and suppliers: the weekly meeting of developers with large customers, round tables and working groups, and February 11-13 — all-Russian review of technologies in the exhibition and 10 industry conferences.

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Meeting of the working group with Moscow metro

In June 2019, a working group was established under the Moscow metro, whose main task is to develop a concept and propose reasonable solutions to use modern technologies in order to increase the efficiency and quality of the inspection of the flow of passengers in the subway.

At the meeting, the development companies will offer the ideology, principles of construction and equipment and technologies to increase the number of passengers inspected, as well as to improve the selectivity of the inspection.


Practical issues of using intelligent video surveillance in security systems at large facilities and infrastructures

Video Analytics systems are the mainstream of the whole concept of video surveillance, because they allow to turn passive video surveillance into an active process of control and increase the value of such systems for business. Recent advances in the field of self-learning neural networks have opened up new perspectives that allow to realize many plans for automated process control.

At the meeting it is planned to discuss practical issues of the use of intelligent video surveillance in security systems at large facilities and infrastructures, taking into account industry specifics: transport, urban infrastructure, industry, oil and gas, energy, banks, retail, etc.

Situation and control centers: cross-industry experience

The program of the meeting includes a practical exchange of experience in the creation and operation of situational and control centers between representatives of various industries, discussion of effective methods of situational management, processes of preparation and management decisions, discussion of approaches and solutions for situational and control centers, key tasks and basic approaches.

Safety solutions for river and sea transport

Practical questions will be discussed by representatives of PLC "Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg "Marine Façade" , Far-Eastern Shipping Company, Port Logistik, Ust-Luga marine port, Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), Mechel-Trans, Rosnefteflot etc.

The focus is on solving the problems of inspection of passengers and cargo, detection and identification of prohibited items and substances, intelligent integrated perimeter protection systems, video monitoring, access control and management systems, the use of biometric technologies, systems for detecting deviations from established routes, protocols, non-standard situations and actions, monitoring systems.

Andrey Skvortsov, Electronika:

"Our company evaluates a series of meetings with major customers under the TB Forum as a very effective and correct format. This main event in February was preceded by an annual program of meetings with customers from different segments of the economy. we actively participated in these useful meetings. According to the results of the work on the stand, many new contacts of potential customers have definitely appeared. Now we are processing these specific cases. We think that in the future these contacts will lead us to the concrete cooperation."

TB Forum: meetings with customers

What is the practical interest of suppliers?

The purpose of the meetings is to simplify the dialogue, to create the right context for its continuation, to obtain appropriate proposals for the introduction or modernization of security systems, inscribed in specific organizational, technical, technological, regulatory conditions.

TB Forum team offers manufacturers and suppliers of security systems a channel for communication with customers throughout the year, which works with the most powerful motivation from customers and regulators. Each participant of the TB Forum 2020 is offered sales support and a series of meetings with customers throughout the year. During 2019, there is a continuous series of meetings of regulators, customers and suppliers: 30+ events, 250+ customers from key sectors of the Russian economy.

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