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Skolkovo develops cooperation with innovative companies of Israel

The Skolkovo Foundation's cluster of energy-efficient technologies has agreed on a roadmap for cooperation with Israeli high-tech companies Venture RIF Capital and AMRAA Consulting. Partners will develop and promote innovative products in the markets of Russia, Israel and other countries.

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Skolkovo Foundation, Venture Fund Venture RIF Capital and AMRAA Consulting company have agreed to start working together on energy-efficient technologies in transport and industry. The purpose of the cooperation is to support the development and commercialization of high-tech startups in the markets of Russia, Israel and Asia.

The partners have already identified the first direction for cooperation – projects in the field of developing the efficiency of airport infrastructure, including the reducing of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The Israeli venture fund's portfolio includes successful startups that are implementing pilot projects at airports around the world. Three Skolkovo  residents who are conducting pilot operation of technologies of airport maintenance in Russia have shown interest in cooperation on this topic.

In April-May 2020, the parties will jointly identify Israeli companies that plan to use softlanding programs (support for launching a startup in Russia) and partner to develop, commercialize and localize innovative products in Russia. Skolkovo participants are already working with their Israeli partners to create joint integrated solutions. They will be tested in Russia and proposed for implementation in the national airport development program as well as as a comprehensive Smart Airport solution for commercialization in global markets. International cooperation is based on joint investments, a partner program ща research and the creation of new working places.

"The success of dozens of high-tech companies from Israel in global markets inspires developers around the world. We hope that the joint work of Skolkovo participants and their Israeli partners will become a good driver for launching and commercializing complex technological projects not only in Russia but also in other countries. For our Israeli colleagues the Skolkovo Foundation hopes to become a reliable partner in developing and launching products that are in demand on the domestic market. The unique ecosystem created at Skolkovo will help to attract leading Russian players to work together. During such a difficult time for the entire world community we believe it is necessary to become even more involved in new areas that will be in demand on the global market tomorrow," - said Oleg Dubnov, Vice President and Executive Director of the Skolkovo Foundation's Cluster of energy efficient technologies.

"I look at the cooperation with the Skolkovo Foundation with great hope. I think it’s a strategic mistake for the global investment and technology community to underestimate Russia's potential as a source of new knowledge and a unique ecosystem of access to the rapidly developing Asian market. Russian-Israeli business relations should develop in this direction. The Israeli technology business is well aware of the opportunities of Russian science as almost every Israeli technology startup has participants who speak Russian. All this gives a good reason to support such initiatives at the international level," - said Yuval Rabin, member of the board of directors and managing partner of Venture RIF Capital.


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