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Shneider Electric launched the biometric identification system in the Yeltsin Center

Schneider Electric together with the fund Yeltsin Center launched the innovative biometric identification system  in the Yeltsin Center. The system is made on the basis of the Videoxpert solution of the company Pelco and the biometric platform Id-Me of the company Recfaces. The realization of the project is made by the company USTR Group.

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The installation of the system has become the next step of the modernization of the inner security center system. Earlier the company Schneider Electric has equipped the Yeltsin center by the comprehensive video surveillance system (about 500 cameras), fire alarm system and access control system, automatization and dispatching system and also updated the infrastructure of the structuring cabling system and solutions for data centers.

The biometric identification system will let the center to develop the quality and speed of the operation of inner security services, according to Schneider Electric.

Now employees and guests of the center under video surveillance cameras will be automatically identified. During the investigation of incidents the biometric investigation system will let to use the intelligent search by face image with all the statistics of the time and date of all visits.

Thus, heads of the center is planning to optimize the work of dispatchers - under the conditions of the full automatization, the search and identification of suspicious persons, earlier lasting a week or longer, became only some minutes. Among other available functions – creation of lists (stop-lists, VIP-guests list), identification of visitors placements, audience analytics by gender, age and the duration of visiting the center.

"We’re expecting that the biometric system will help to develop both the level of security and the interactionwieh center guests and also raise the sales of tickets and services. The identification will let to receive online the reliable information on statistics and the audience, including the detection of    visitors and also to analyze the demand for temporary exhibitions and additional services, offered to visitors", – said Vadim Kharlamov, Head of IT department of Yeltsin center.


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