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Schneider Electric built a data centre for Narxoz University

Schneider Electric announced the finishing of the project on data center building for the biggest Narxoz University of Kazakhstan Republic, preparing specialists in the sphere of economic, law and business education.

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In this project, Schneider Electric company performed in tandem with the local integrator partner, Zerde Business Solution company. In the project Schneider Electric presented all its engineering competence, gained experience and helped with projecting of engineering equipment together with engineers of Zerde Business Solution. During the data center building the equipment of Schneider Electric was used for all engineering systems. The main condition during projecting and building the data center was backup and fault tolerance of all engineering systems. The system of uninterruptible power supply and precision air conditioning system was projected according to the n+1 reservation scheme.

Schneider Electric also guaranteed the service support of data centre 24\7\365.

The work of Narxoz University is oriented to achieve the maximum effectiveness with using of high technology solutions, that’s why it was decided to build its own data centre.

"Schenider Electric pays a lot of attention to the cooperation with universities in Kazakhstan Republic, Russia and CIS countries. In 2019 we successfully implemented projects on equipping Norilsk State Industrial Institute and French university in Armenia "UFAR" with modern devices, and now we’re glad to announce the finishing of building of data centre for Narxoz University and to put it into operation. The problem was to build the data centre in the basement, so a special attention was paid to the waterproofing and ventilation system. One of the advantages of this data centre is the possibility to change UPS batteries during the high heat mode and also the possibility of complete shutdown of one UPS "arm" without stopping functioning of all data centre to make service or repair and restoration works via baypass-panel", – said Evgeny Vinogradov, key client manager of Schneider Electric.

"Narxoz University is developing dynamically and implementing actively digital solutions. In this regard, there are growing demands on the reliability of information storage and, in general, on the security of information resources. In 2019 the university made the project on the building of its own data  centre. Zeroed Business Solutions was chosen as a partner and implemented this project on basis of Schneider Electric equipment. The cooling and backup power system has n+1 redundancy, what allows to make technical works unstoppable. The project was realized in terms so it was chosen as a vendor of Schneider Electric company", – noted Erzhan Dautov, director of Information Technologies Centre, Narxoz University.

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