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Sberbank logistics has built a logistic path based on SAP

Sberbank logistics has completed the implementation of digital solutions from SAP to automate the full logistics cycle. The company plans to process millions of product items per day with the new systems. In addition, digital tools will allow the company to increase the transparency and efficiency of logistics business processes, reduce expenses and maintain the quality of service level agreement (SLA) no less than 99%. The project was implemented by TeamIdea company with the active participation of the Sberbank team and using the capacity of Sbercloud.

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During the project, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and SAP Transportation Management (TM) solutions were implemented. Both solutions are based on the SAP s/4HANA platform. The key goal of the project is to support the growing business and create a reliable digital foundation for further improvement of the operator's business processes, providing a range of logistics services from delivery and address storage of goods to order management and tracking of their movement (3PL).

The SAP EWM system will allow the company to implement the entire complex of warehouse operations in a single information system, as well as minimize the human factor in these processes. This will reduce the order execution time and the number of errors, which will affect the growth of the customer service level. In addition, Sberbank logistics will be able to flexibly replicate the system to other warehouses of the company and regularly increase the number of served clients and processed goods, as well as connect new robotic systems. In particular, the company plans to process several million product positions per day.

The result of implementation of SAP TM has become the automatic planning of multi-modal transportation, calculation of transport costs and increased transparency of the logistics supply chain. Further development of the system involves integration with the information systems of customers of logistics services, automatic order processing, tracking of transportation and integration with courier services.

"From the beginning of the implementation project we knew that we wanted to create a modern, effective solution that can quickly adapt to changing business needs and provide plans for its further development. Developing warehouse infrastructure in key Russian cities is part of our strategy to provide logistics services to both private and corporate clients across the country. It is important for us that the product can scale without stopping key processes and integrate with other technical and IT systems. I am confident that modern SAP systems will allow us to implement our strategy," - said Sergey Malyshev, CEO of Sberbank logistics.

"The industrial warehouse management system is the "heart" of the logistics business, the effectiveness of the processes depends on it and how quickly the company will be able to expand its business. SAP EWM has absorbed the experience of millions of warehouses around the world. Processes within this system allow to achieve maximum warehouse efficiency. We hope that both SAP EWM and one of the best solutions for managing transport logistics, SAP TM, will allow Sberbank to achieve its business growth goals, as well as follow the unified standards of service quality throughout the country and abroad," - said Andrey Goryainov, Deputy CEO of SAP CIS.

"A modern technological system platform based on SAP S/4HANA will allow flexible implementation of changes and improvements to Sberbank's business processes, including the ability to replicate to other warehouses within the platform and increase the number of served clients," - said Pavel Malko, partner, director of development, SAP TeamIdea.

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