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SAP has developed and implemented a new system for evaluating the performance of employees of Renault in Russia

SAP has announced the finishing of the main part of the project to implement a system for evaluating the performance of personnel based on SAP SuccessFactors in Renault Russia. It is planned that the system will cover 2.5 thousand employees of three companies: Renault Russia, RN Bank and Alliance Purchasing Organization Rus. The first part of the project was implemented in record time – five weeks from the moment of its launch. SAPRUN was the implementation partner.

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The key goal of implementation is to achieve systematization and digitalization of processes related to performance management and development of employees in the group of companies. Currently, employees are setting and evaluating goals in the new system but the significant time savings on this process can already been seen. In addition, HR specialists can get statistics on the performance of tasks by employees and managers, and create analytical reports based on this data to share them with business partners.

Based on the results of the goal assessment, managers will be able to decide whether to pay annual bonuses or to review their employees' salaries. The next step is the implementation in a module system on staff selection and adaptation, as well as personnel reserve and staff development.

"The successful implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in Renault Russia is the result of well-coordinated team work. It was important for us to implement the project quickly so as not to disrupt the deadline for setting and evaluating the goals set by the head office. While working in the new system, we want to avoid manual operations and minimize the risk of data loss, as many important processes of the HR cycle depend on this, such as the annual assessment of personnel, calculation of bonuses and revision of special working conditions, career development, management of high-potential personnel and, of course, the preparation of succession plans. We are happy with what we have received: we met the deadlines and received a quality tool for talent management," - said Lyubov Khomutova, HR Director of Renault Russia.

"SAP SuccessFactors is one of the best IT solutions for managing talents and performance of employees. This cloud solution has proven itself all over the world. The key advantages that Renault Russia has received are undeniable. This includes transparency of processes, the ability to build analytical reports and the involvement of all levels of employees in the company's processes in terms of setting and monitoring the implementation of goals. The company will also be able to save the labor expenditures of specialists and managers of HR Department and IT professionals because of the flexibility of processes and user-friendly interface," – said Alexey Leontovich, Deputy CEO of SAP CIS.

"Together, we managed to implement and launch the project in a very short time – just five weeks. In Russia, there are almost no analogues in terms of speed of deployment of SAP SuccessFactors - Performance & Goals functionality, especially in such large companies. This project is one of the stages of transformation of approaches to manage the efficiency and development of employees of Renault Russia. The project was successful and highly appreciated by its participants and management," - said Andrey Mityukov, consulting director of SAPRUN.


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