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Samsung and Cisco presented Webex On Flip solution in Russia

Samsung Electronics and Cisco announced the start of sales in Russia of a video conferencing solution and collaboration Webex On Flip, integrated into an interactive Flip 2 flipchart. The development of two world leaders in the field of IT brings office video conferences to a new mass level.

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With help of Webex On Flip participants of online conferences can share their own notes with colleagues and watch what the moderator writes at this time, and during offline events to use standard features of Flip 2 – to draw, show presentations, broadcast content from a smartphone or PC and display information on a larger screen. Today, when many employees work from home, directors face the additional task of integrating work teams into corporate video conferencing to ensure secure connectivity. The Webex On Flip solution allows you to use the existing Cisco video conference infrastructure.

"Today tools to ensure remote interaction of employees have more strategic importance for companies in all industries. At the same time, Cisco solutions are the "gold standard" in the field of collaboration in many cases. I am confident that our cooperation with the world leader in display manufacturing, Samsung, will provide Russian customers with a new level of remote interaction of distributed teams," - said Igor Kudryakov, manager for working with distributors, Cisco.

The combination of Cisco's video conferencing infrastructure and Samsung's professional 4K touch display makes the new product to be a suitable solution for corporate customers from various fields, including industry, development companies, transport, education and others. The Webex On Flip solution is created for companies that need corporate education, regular presentations, trainings and collaboration, including remote work.

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