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Russian post will make Aliexpress Plus home-package delivery for free

Russian post and Aliexpress Russia have agreed to deliver parcels freely from the post office to the home of customers of the new service Aliexpress Plus.

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It’s possible to use the delivery of Russian Post to your home after you buy products on the Aliexpress website and app with the Plus sign.

Aliexpress Plus is a service that offers free door-to-door delivery, launched on April 15 in test mode. In addition to the delivery, it guarantees the delivery time of goods from two to 15 days with the ability to track the entire route and the option of a quick return. The service is launched on the basis of a solution that was developed by the logistics company Cainiao and Russian Post for Aliexpress.

"Orders made on Aliexpress make up a significant proportion of the total flow. We see that the demand for foreign online purchases is recovering, and our task is to continue uninterrupted delivery of shipments during the period of self-isolation, offering customers a safe and convenient service. Russian post ensures optimal delivery times, and thanks to our partnership with Aliexpress, a huge number of people will be able to receive their orders without leaving their homes and without putting their health at risk," - said Denis Ilyin, Deputy CEO for international business of Russian Post.

Russian post and Aliexpress are key delivery partners in Russia. About 80% of Aliexpress parcels from China are processed and delivered by Russian Post. It is about 40% in the volume of Russian post. Over the entire history of cooperation between the companies, about 1 billion parcels were brought to Russia. This is about 200 parcels per minute for 10 years of existence of Aliexpress.


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