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RaySearch Expands to a New Major Market With Distribution Agreement for Russia

RaySearch has entered into a long-term distribution agreement with the healthcare industry distribution company Medeqi in Russia. The comprehensive collaboration provides full responsibility for marketing, sales and service of the treatment planning system RayStation in Russia to Medeqi.

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Medeqi was established in 2017, and the majority of its employees have extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Medeqi work with other major oncology vendors in the region and collaborate exclusively with companies that provide solutions for the best patient care and the highest level of efficiency.

RaySearch continues its global expansion with this distributor agreement in Russia, which is a new market for RaySearch. The number of cancer cases continuously increases in Russia, with a great need for improved and upgraded technological equipment for cancer treatments. An ongoing national health program has been developed in the country, striving towards a higher quality of medical services along with accessibility for patients, in which oncology is one out of eight prioritized projects. 

Ksenia Lovtsova, owner and director, Medeqi, says: "The radiation oncology industry in Russia requires a significant improvement including an upgrade to the higher technological level that has been practiced by clinicians in other countries for years. At Medeqi, we want to make RaySearch software solutions available for clinicians in Russia, for them to be able to have the right tools in hand for the best clinical practice. RaySearch is one of the most innovative companies in the industry and devotes its strong efforts to develop unique, advanced and optimal software solutions."

Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch, says: "We are very excited to expand into a new market with excellent growth potential. Many centers and their patients will benefit from the improved patient care that RaySearch software makes possible. We have a strong and experienced partner in Medeqi, and I look forward to a successful cooperation."



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