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QIWI will develop QPlatform together with SBI Holdings

QIWI has invited an independent shareholder partner - the international financial group SBI Holdings — to develop the QPlatform project. This holding invests in promising world-class projects.

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An additional motivation for the dynamic development of the project will also be the transfer of a part of the company's shares to the top management of QPlatform. As a result of the agreement, the top management of QPlatform divided 20% between them, and SBI's share was 20%. QIWI group, which remains a shareholder of the company, sees prospects for further growth and development of QPlatform — both financial and territorial. QIWI still has 60% of the company.

Boris Kim, CEO of QIWI group, said: "We believe in open platforms, not closed ecosystems. This is why a few years ago we purchased the QPlatform project, which helps businesses to connect to financial institutions using open APIs. Thanks to the initiatives of the Bank of Russia and the Fintech Association, the Open API market will develop dynamically in Russia, and to strengthen our expertise in the industry of Open Banking, we decided to involve an independent partner in the development of the QPlatform project".


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