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QIWI has implemented the Commvault solution

Commvault reported on the completed project of implementation of the Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery solution as the main platform for data protection, management and use in the QIWI financial company.

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The QIWI group includes: QIWI Bank, Rocketbank, Tochka, QIWI Blockchain Technologies, Flocktory, QPlatform, Factoring PLUS, CONTACT, Online Billing Solutions, Rapida.

For QIWI, data is the heart of the company. Their complete security and continuity of work with them, i.e. reducing corporate risks due to greater control over data is one of the key business goals. This is why the company pays great attention to the issue of data backup and management. The existing backup system didn’t suit QIWI for a number of reasons: regular system errors, loss of time to fix them; insufficient current functionality and low efficiency of support of new applications. There were difficulties with backing up prospective projects based on Open Source environments (MySQL and PostgreSQL). The current system didn’t have a sufficient level of convenience and flexibility. In addition, there was an obvious possibility of a significant reduction of infrastructure costs due to the function of deduplication which wasn’t supported at that time. At the same time, the new solution didn’t have to be an expensive and complex specialized backup system which also meant expensive support.

Only hardware-independent solutions that can support both proprietary applications and Open Source were suitable according to the key criteria. The backup system had to be flexible and able to adapt to any path of development of the company without additional costs. The implemented solution had to meet not only strict internal security requirements and work with personal data but also the requirements of external regulators: the Federal law on personal data, GDPR, PCI DSS certification for banks and processing centers and other financial regulations.

A single Commvault data management and backup platform was chosen as the solution. Currently, it manages more than 2.5 PB of data, backs up data from QIWI employees and clients, financial transactions processes and internal systems is being performed.

Since QIWI unites several fast-growing IT businesses, the company is actively developing new technologies and promising developments and new services are constantly being introduced. In this regard, it was important to find a solution that isn’t tied to a specific hardware vendor, platform or infrastructure, that can support all existing and planned applications and take into account the possibility of migrating to the cloud.

"Commvault has provided convenient and efficient software-based deduplication without imposing specific hardware platforms and boxed solutions. It was important for the customer that no external expensive backup appliance was required for solving tasks and this was a major advantage of Commvault, since we are completely independent from hardware suppliers," - said Evgeny Pukhov, technical consultant, Commvault Russia and CIS.


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