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Pipedrive enters the Russian CRM market

Pipedrive made its first purchase of Mailigen's email distribution platform, and Mailigen's office in Saint Petersburg will open the company's Eastern development direction.

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According to Timo Rein, chairman and co-founder of Pipedrive, the Mailigen solution contributes to Pipedrive's goal of providing the best and easiest-to-use tools at every stage of the sales process, from finding and developing contacts to completing transactions and retaining customers.

"Sales and marketing go hand in hand, and the addition of Mailigen marketing automation technology to the Pipedrive platform makes it even easier and faster for our customers to establish effective contacts with customers and keep them up to date with new offers," said Timo Rein.

"We hope that the purchase of Pipedrive will pave the way for a new trend that will revive investment of startup ecosystems and create job places," - said Janis Rozenblats, co-founder of Mailigen.

In the coming months, Pipedrive and Mailigen will focus on integrating their technical solutions and businesses, and a powerful new product will be released soon.

Pipedrive has a strong partner now and it is expected that the work in the Russian direction will be successful and large- scale.


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