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Panasonic expands its business in Russia, opening a new direction of Life Solutions

The direction of the electrotechnical equipment (brands VIKO and Panasonic) begins its work in the Russian division of the Japanese Corporation Panasonic in September 2019. New structure will take over the development of relevant product categories (wiring accessories, switching equipment, surge protectors, switchboards etc.) and direct distribution in Russia.

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Devices for connecting household appliances to electrical networks is one of the oldest product categories of Panasonic, whose production began in 1918, laying the foundation for the entire Japanese Corporation. Today Panasonic holds more than 80% of the Japanese wiring equipment market and is considered the No.1 brand in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, as well as India and Turkey. In total, the distribution network covers more than 73 countries.

Until recently, Russia was the last major region without its own representative office of Panasonic Life Solutions – deliveries here were carried out through a consolidated subsidiary of Panasonic in Turkey.

However, seeing the prospects of this market and following the strategy of expanding sales outside Japan, the Corporation decided to organize a local division. The new structure will be directly subordinate to the President of Panasonic Russia – Hiroki Miyadzi. The Life Solutions Russia subdivision will be headed by Hiroshi Akiyama, who knows the region well and has rich experience in this area.

Products for the Russian market will be produced at Panasonic's own plant in Turkey. The initial stage includes: sockets, switches, electronic components for lighting control, extension cords, surge protectors, circuit breakers and switchboards. A total of more than 5000 unique models. Products in the initial price segment will be sold under the VIKO brand, which is well known among Russian buyers, and collections under Panasonic will cover the middle and premium class of devices. In the future, the range can be supplemented with LED-lighting and KNX devices for smart home systems (remote control of light, ventilation and other engineering systems of buildings).

Among priority sales channels are: direct distributors, DIY-networks and official Panasonic online store. Attention will be paid to such significant groups as design bureaus and architectural studios, construction holdings, developer companies and specialists engaged in the construction and interior decoration.

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