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Panasonic and Merlion opened a manufacturing of IP-cameras in Russia

Panasonic Russia, the Russian branch of the Japanese developer, together with Merlion, Russian distributor, announced the beginning of manufacturing of "smart" self-learning IP-cameras Panasonic on capacities of the company iRU, owned by Merlion.

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According to the company, the decision to launch a joint line was taken on the initiative of Panasonic in response to the wishes of Russian customers. Production of iRU has been certified for compliance with global technological standards of Panasonic Corporation.

At the initial stage, it is planned to produce three popular models of CCTV cameras, in the future the product range can be expanded. Partners do not announce the amount of investment in the project, but emphasize that the line will be able to provide prompt production for profile projects of almost any scale.

The number of IP-cameras, designed for the production in Russia, included the following models: WV-S2131LRF (internal dome), WV-X6531NRF (street PTZ) and WV-S1132RF (hull).

Today cameras of this type are in demand most of all and provide up to 30% of sales of all cameras of the Japanese company in Russia.

They’re popular thanks to the presence of unique functions of artificial intelligence iA (intelligent Auto) and ROI (self-learning coding technology), that detects automatically areas with moving people or vehicles.

Smart, self-learning devices allow to ensure the highest quality of image quickly, without operator intervention, even in poor visibility conditions.

Panasonic IP cameras are used today in many sectors of industry, energy, transport and the public sector. The mentioned camera models were successfully used during the 2018 FIFA world Cup, and previous models were installed on the eve of the 2014 Winter Olympics at infrastructure and sport facilities in Sochi.


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