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Orange provided 19 Sovcomflot vessels with satellite communications in the Arctic and the Far East

Orange Business Services, an international service provider, has completed its work for satellite communications to 19 Sovcomflot vessels operating in the difficult climate and ice conditions of the Arctic and Far Eastern seas. This step will improve the safety of navigation.

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At the first stage of Orange Business Services cooperation with the Russian shipping company, the provider connected eight partner vessels to the satellite communication system in the summer, 2019, and at the second stage 11 more vessels were provided with uninterrupted communication in 2020.

Thanks to the Orange system, which allows to switch between different satellites and coastal communication stations automatically, communication stability has increased to 98-99%, this is a high indicator for the Arctic and subarctic latitudes.

Sovcomflot uses the Orange Business Services satellite system to transmit telemetry data to the shore, which is received from previously implemented systems of remote diagnostics of equipment and remote operational control of the navigation situation. The Orange system allows such transmission in real time at any distance from the shore.

In addition, Sovcomflot vessels were integrated into the IT infrastructure. A dual system of firewalls helps to filter Internet traffic and ensure the security of networks on ships. Uninterrupted satellite communication makes it possible to implement telemedicine solutions on ships if necessary.

"Maintaining uninterrupted communication plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of navigation, especially in severe ice and climate conditions of high latitudes and Far Eastern seas, in improving the efficiency of ship crews and coastal units, as well as their interaction. Orange Business Services has proven to be a reliable partner in providing such satellite communications services," - said Yury Malyshev, CEO of SCF Arctic, a subsidiary of Sovcomflot group that controls the vessels equipped under this project.

"We are happy to continue our cooperation with Sovcomflot, the largest Russian shipping company. As part of connecting ships to uninterrupted satellite communications, we have launched an intelligent algorithm for selecting a satellite and a shore-based communication station to ensure the highest possible quality of communication. First of all, the supply vessels serving oil rigs, as well as transport tankers were equipped by this new system. We are sure that this will significantly improve the safety of navigation in difficult Arctic conditions," - said Richard van Wageningen, senior Vice President of Orange Business Services, responsible for the IMEAR region (Russia, middle East and Africa).


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