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NVision Group signed an agreement with Ericsson to build LTE corporate networks in Russia

On the 25th of February, 2019, NVision Group announced the start of activities to build LTE corporate networks in Russia which will become the technological base for the digitalization of major business in the country. The integrator’s partner is Ericsson.

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 The agreement includes:

  • Joint work of Nvision Group and Ericsson in the field of studying customers requirements for the construction of corporate wireless broadband data transmission networks based on LTE (private LTE),
  • Joint preparation and construction of the private LTE test zone on the technological platform of NVision Group to demonstrate capabilities to potential customers,
  • The commercial launch of corporate wireless broadband data transmission networks based on LTE and 5G in prospect.

 Private LTE networks are universal digital base for the implementation of wide range of services on socially significant and industrial facilities with high demands on safety and reliability: urban systems of public transport and housing sector, enterprises of energy, chemical industry and other key branches of the economy.

Production facilities in remote regions of Russia will also get their guaranteed radio coverage with customer-specified characteristics.

LTE corporate network guarantees integrity, noise protection and security of data transmission from IoT sensors, M2M applications or other elements of the enterprise infrastructure, allows to combine elements of the ecosystem into a single closed circuit of the company. At the same time, traffic becomes free for corporate networks users, regardless of the volume and dynamics of its increase.


 Technological advantages of private LTE compared to alternative solutions:

  • Ensuring capacitive, spatial, service characteristics of the network in accordance with customer needs;
  • Ensuring infrastructure requirements in accordance with security services of the client company;
  • Ensuring isolation of corporate traffic from the influence of commercial public networks;
  • Full integration with the previously established elements of the it infrastructure with a possibility of subsequent replacement or without it.
  • Maximum response speed in the network thanks to locally installed switching elements of the network;
  • LTE versatility for any available business applications and technological processes;
  • Easy transition to next generation standards – 5G.
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