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Nornickel and Microsoft have joined the main community of blockchain projects for business

Hyperledger is a joint open source project, founded to promote blockchain technologies with a help of realization of functions, necessary for the open inter branch standard of distributed registry. This is the international project, including leading companies in the sphere of finance, banking sector, IoT, logistics, manufacturing and technologies. Hyperledger project is functioning under the support of The Linux Foundation.

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Hyperledger puts as its task the development of open technologies of distributed  registry, which allows companies to create stable industry applications, platforms and hardware systems to perform concrete business operations. The project includes more than 122 participants and covers different industries as finance, healthcare, IoT, credit card service, aviation etc.

In the middle of June 2019 Nornickel, Microsoft and Salesforce joined the community Hyperledger. New members of the organization will pay membership fee and develop new applications using Hyperledger.

Nornickel is going to create new instruments on a base of Hyperledger Fabric technologies and to develop open blockchain solutions with their help. This technology will be used on the tokenization platform which will be launched till the end of 2019.

The main idea of the project is the tokenization of the product of Nornickel to offer the product of a new class to the broad range of investors (including retail-investors) and also the tokenization of a contract company volume for industry players. One of the aim of the project is to reduce the cost of funding base, offering digital assets. Besides, there is a possibility of a liberation of circulating capital. The creation of new financial instruments on a base of a model of assets tokenization is expected.

"Hyperledger is a global project, covering a lot of different industries, and our partnership with Nornickel not only broaden our presence in Russia but provide with new opportunities to promote technologies in the industrial sector. We believe that companies in all industrial sectors will be able to use solutions in the sphere of open blockchain technologies, like Hyperledger. We’re waiting for the collaboration with Nornickel on the improving of the existing technology", – said Brian Behlendorf, Chief of Hyperledger.


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