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Merlion has become the first official distributor of H3C Technologies in Russia

Merlion company, Russian VAD distributor, and international company H3C Technologies, developer of corporate network equipment, software, servers, storage area network (SAN) and other products, signed a partner agreement. This is the first distributor contract of the vendor in Russia.

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Merlion company offers a wide line of producer’s products, in which there are not only H3C commutators and routers but also wireless Wi-Fi solutions, server equipment, SAN, software of virtualization and management and monitoring systems.

"This agreement is a very important step in the development of VAD-direction of our system. Cooperation with such a big and authoritative vendor opens big opportunities for us and our partners", – noted Julia Pechnikova, Business Development director, VAD Merlion.

"Russian market is one of primary one for our company and at least enters TOP 3 potential markets for H3C business development. Our goal is to obtain good results here during next years and create a healthy competition for players with strong positions, presented in Russia for a long time", – said Yan Kuo, CEO of H3C Technologies Russia.


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