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ITV Group and Huawei signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of physical security systems

ITV Group, a Russian developer of software for security and video surveillance systems, and Huawei, a provider of smart devices and infrastructure solutions in the field of ICT, have entered into a cooperation agreement to develop hardware and software systems for physical security with elements of artificial intelligence.

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As part of the technological collaboration, ITV Group software will be optimized on the Huawei hardware platform – TaiShan servers that use 64-bit multi-core ARM processors of general purpose Kunpeng, developed and manufactured by Huawei. The operating system is intended to use a specialized assembly of the Linux family of operating systems.

ITV Group's neural network of video analytics algorithms are planned to be adapted and optimized to work on specialized Huawei Ascend 310/910 AI processors used in various devices of the Huawei Atlas AI platform. These devices are widely and effectively used for deploying AI infrastructure in any scenario, from periphery to the cloud environment.

ITV Group has a full cycle of creating neural network video analysis algorithms for specific project requirements. Algorithms as fire and smoke detection, detection of people in dangerous areas, counting pedestrians and cars to assess traffic congestion, detection of abandoned items in public places and many others are already implemented. The company also uses facial recognition and license plate recognition algorithms developed by leaders in these areas in its products. ITV Group solutions are used in Russian government projects to ensure public safety.

The cooperation of the companies involves the launch of production of software and hardware complexes on the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Together with the Russian origin of the ITV Group and the use of an open source operating system, this will be an important factor for facilities of strategic importance and industries that have special requirements for information security or prioritize Russian-made systems in the framework of import substitution programs.

The agreement between ITV Group and Huawei opens up opportunities for further expansion of cooperation both in the field of technology and in the field of joint commercial activities.

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