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IT-GRAD and Kraftvaerk have agreed on cooperation to digitalize Russian business

IT-GRAD, the cloud provider (part of the MTS Group) informs about the beginning of strategic cooperation with Kraftvaerk, the developer of integrated IT solutions. Partners will develop the digital transformation of Russian business using Kraftvaerk systems hosted in the IT-GRAD cloud. The cloud implementation will allow customers to start using IT systems much faster and optimize costs by 25% on average.

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Kraftvaerk has experience and expertise in organizing user information systems, PIM systems for centralized management of large amounts of product data, development of integrated digital services for online stores as well as other solutions for corporate and government customers.

The partnership of one of the largest domestic suppliers of IaaS and Kraftvaerk will simplify the integration of developer's IT solutions in Russia and ensure high availability of services for manufacturing and trading companies, logistics operators and distributors. Kraftvaerk will be responsible for the technical development and implementation of IT systems for business digitalization and that will increase the operating profit of companies by 20% per year. The IT-GRAD cloud will ensure the continuity of digital services and help companies to start using IT solutions with lower infrastructure costs.

"Kraftvaerk’s solutions are popular tools for organizing a complex IT environment for a large number of clients in different countries. For example, we are trusted by Garrets - one of the world's leading logistics operators in the field of food supply management. Kraftvaerk's "e-commerce without Internet" development has automated delivery and order calculations for more than 1 900 vessels. As a result, ship crews were able to significantly reduce their financial and time costs. Thanks to our partnership with IT-GRAD we will provide high-quality IT systems for Russian customers in a reliable cloud as well as provide expert technical support to even more users," - commented Igor Lisovsky, development director, Kraftvaerk.

"The experience of IT-GRAD, one of the largest IaaS suppliers in Russia, and the demand for Kraftvaerk solutions on the European markets are factors that allow us to predict successful cooperation between our companies. Our new partner can develop their services using the best practices and tools of a Russian cloud provider. We understand all the national features of the IT business and can offer Kraftvaerk a reliable basis for systems of any complexity," -  said Yuriy Zinchenko, CEO of IT-GRAD

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