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Informzashita and Microsoft will develop cloud solutions for information security

Informzaschita and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership in the field of information security, the first step of which will be the leading virtual Security Operation Center (SOC) based on Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

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Microsoft's experience in creating solutions based on the service model and its own ecosystem, which includes a wide range of information security solutions, combined with one of the best information security expertise on the market, will allow to offer Russian customers comprehensive solutions based on managing the enterprise's information security system from a cloud environment. In addition, the companies implement an educational program for Russian companies that allows specialists in the field of information security to work out the most complex scenarios of cyber incidents.

The Microsoft Azure Sentinel service is the first fully integrated Siem system in the Azure cloud platform. It allows to automate routine tasks of cybersecurity specialists, freeing up their time to solve priority issues. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence technologies can reduce Alert Fatigue (slow response of experts when there are too many alarms) up to 90%. The service protects the entire organization by detecting and preventing threats before they cause harm.

The virtual SOC solution includes not only an innovative technology platform, but also services for monitoring and responding to incidents. All this will allow you to detect high-level cyber attacks before they penetrate deeply into the system. Azure Sentinel supports open standards such as CEF and has a broad partner network that includes members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, such as Cisco, Symantec, Fortinet, and Palo Alto. Users of the solution confirmed that it reduces the time for detecting cyber threats from a few hours to a few seconds.

"The partnership with Microsoft provides us with access to the most advanced tools to protect our customers, allowing us to be at the forefront of the development of modern cybersecurity technologies. Microsoft's capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, combined with the expertise of IZ:SOC employees, provide effective synergy aimed at improving the quality of services for our customers." - said Petr Efimov, CEO of Informzashita.

"Information security is a critical area for businesses of any size. According to Juniper Research, the annual damage caused by cybercriminals will grow by 11% each year, and will exceed $ 5 trillion by 2024. The Russian market responds to the global trend of increasing complexity of cyber attacks. We are confident that combining our efforts with Informzaschita will strengthen the information security of Russian companies. For Microsoft in Russia, the transformation of the partner ecosystem is a strategic direction, we continue to develop a new type of partnership, so the start of work with Informzaschita will be a bright example of such cooperation," - said Kristina Tikhonova, President of Microsoft in Russia.

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