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ICOM of Russia and Panasonic opens new opportunities for digitalization of Russian museums

On September 3 in Kyoto the agreement on longterm partnership was signed between International Council of Museums (ICOM) and Panasonic Russia. Companies will concentrate their attention on digitalization of Russian museums and promoting of prospective technologies: digital video surveillance, immersive installation, multi media and other innovative solutions.

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Panasonic and ICOM of Russia cooperation began in 2016 when Japanese company became technical partner of a range of international events of ICOM of Russia. Later technical experts of Panasonic participated many times in ICOM conferences for state, municipal, corporate and private museums.

The crossover year of Russia and Japan in 2018-19 has taken to the new level their partnership and provided with broad experience exchange, technical innovations, advanced technologies and expansion of bilateral humanitarian ties in accordance with eight points of relationship development  between our countries. ICOM of Russia and Panasonic were co-organizers of the conference "Exhibition projects: creation, management, digital development" (March 2019) that included leading experts and attracted museum specialists, engaged in creating expositions.

"Development of modern technologies and their implementation in museums – it’s already a reality we live in. Museums and museum personnel can and should use those advantages and opportunities that are offered by modern technologies because it’s one of the ways to keep and popularize cultural and natural heritage, – said Alexander Sholokhov, the president of ICOM of Russia. – We want the museum community to accept technological corporations as partners, not only helping to equip our buildings but also assisting to train and retrain personnel, raise qualification and competence of museum specialists. From our point of view, today these two issues can be named as primary for development of museum sphere in Russia."


Panasonic cooperates closely with international organizations and major museums of the world, keeping global cultural heritage for future generations. "Our advanced audio- and video technologies help curators of exhibitions in realizing the most original ideas. New technologies, projection, light, sound from the helping elements turn into competent subjects of expositions", – noted Yoichi Takaki, Vice President of Panasonic Russia.

For Japanese company it’s important not only offer innovative solutions but contribute their professional and full-function using. "We’re watching attentively the development of museum  society in Russia and can say that the process of initial saturation by technique has already passed. The new stage begins – rethink of approaches with deep integration into ecosystem of companies and taking into account all requirements of new audience. The constant teaching and special programs of cooperation for our partners are becoming more in demand to create    projects", – noted German Gavrilov, Director of business development and integrated solutions department, Panasonic Russia.

To promote this direction, specialists of Panasonic Russia have entered the Council on digital development under the Russian Committee of International council of museums. There are tasks for the Committee to support relevant cultural projects, organize information, consultative and methodical support to council members and companies-members of ICOM of Russia, assist to professional qualification and digital literacy of museum specialists, experience exchange and popularization of successful practices.

"I am sure that the Council for digital development of ICOM of Russia by its collegial decisions will be able to assist to the formation of strategic directions for the implementation and development of information and multimedia technologies in museums and culture sphere in general thanks to the  dialogue of leading experts, scientific and practical research, preparation of standards, teaching materials and educational programs, as well as initiate the necessary adjustments to the existing processes and regulations within the program "Digital economy" of the Russian Federation", - said Vladimir Opredelenov, Deputy Director of the Pushkin Museum, head of the Council for digital development under ICOM of Russia, head of the IT department in the culture sphere of Higher School of Economics (HSE), member of the Presidium of ICOM of Russia.

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