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Huawei plans to build a common digital space in Russia

Huawei has unveiled a strategy that will help to build a unified digital community and space in Russia. The Corporation is ready to offer the Russian market technological experience, development of joint hardware and software solutions with Russian suppliers, as well as organization of joint production.

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Huawei will continue to invest in local research and development, develop the partner ecosystem and educational programs, thus contributing to the development of the domestic ICT industry. The strategy and its implementation plan were presented by Xiao Haijun, CEO of Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasia region, at the Huawei 2020 Partner Conference, which was attended by more than 1000 representatives of the Russian company partners.

The company increased its revenue by 12% in 2019, bringing it to $124 billion. Today Huawei Enterprise solutions are used by 228 companies included in the fortune Global 500 list and 58 companies from the Fortune Global 100 list. Huawei is in the top ten of the world's most valuable brands by Brand Finance company. The Russian market is a priority for Huawei. Over the past year, the number of Huawei corporate customers in Russia has increased by 16%, and now it is more than 1100 companies. Such indicators allowed to take the first place in sales in the Russian division of Huawei company.

Consistent and stable technological development allows Huawei to achieve positive growth dynamics even in the most unfavorable conditions.

The implementation plan for Huawei's new strategy is called TIGER (Technology, Industry, Growth, Ecosystem, Reliability). It includes the joint development with Russian companies  and use of technologies, creation of industrial solutions, incentive programs for partners and creation of an ecosystem, which will promote the accelerated development of Russia's own ICT industry: stable, reliable and independent.

Over the past three years, Huawei has made $392 million in purchases in Russia. This year, the company will continue to cooperate in the development of products and technologies, which will ensure the comprehensive development of local production and sales opportunities.

In 2020, Huawei intends to focus on strengthening the results achieved and further growth. In order to help its customers to solve the challenges of digital transformation even more effectively, the company plans to actively invest in creating a global open ecosystem.

Lai Lishun, Director of partner relations, Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasia region, told about Huawei's partner policy in Russia: "Huawei traditionally pays great attention to working with partners. Our partners are our guides in the local market and allow us to realize the full technological potential of our solutions as effectively as possible. Today, Huawei has more than 1 000 sales partners in Russia, more than 20 joint solution development partners, more than 70 service partners, and the number of certified specialists exceeds 5600 people. We consistently work on the development of the partner channel: we invest in training partners, offer favorable programs and conditions, increase the flexibility and transparency of partner programs. In 2020, the total investment amount will be $5 million. According to our estimates, these measures should help Huawei partners to increase their revenue by more than 50%."

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